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Postby sarpedon2 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:19 am

Deledrius wrote:
Korovev wrote:Take the Pod Ages: when they came out, it must have been a fantastic experience, trying to figure out how it worked.

Nope, the Pods were a joke then too. We had players who were certain that there was more there to see and do, but in the end they were (unfortunately) wrong. The primary experience was not the portals; you're looking at that through hindsight knowing it's the only purpose they still serve. At the time we were actively lied to about the content in those pods. The timing puzzle itself is definitely an interesting concept, but in a vacuum it's pretty meaningless and not worth much of anything.

What was the content that we were 'actively lied to about', if you can remember? I only remember seeing videos and images of Negilahn from the original Uru Live trailer that came with the ABM disc. I just assumed the pods were places were you could sit and observe the animals, or at least that was their original concept.
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