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Age Progress Updates

Postby Megan Lynch » Wed Oct 06, 2021 6:11 pm

For those of us who remember the old DRC website, they use to produce updates on a periodic basis to provide a snapshot of where their various projects were at any given time in an IC way. With all the fan projects slowly making their way into MOULa, I thought now was a good time to restart that practice, and so I've combed the internet for any projects I could find (although I missed plenty I am sure) and have posted the first one here:

My goal is to update it a monthly/periodic basis and I'd love to include as many fan projects as possible. At the moment the list is just for those that are being worked on with an aim of potentially getting included into MOULa. I know there's plenty of really good projects here (I've visited some of them!), but not everyone has an interest in getting all of their work into MOULa. So if you are working on something with that goal in mind and you are comfortable with me including it in the list PLEASE let me know :) Doesn't matter where you are in the project, I'll throw it up!

Overall the aim of the website is to become an IC resource for the various areas of D'ni and related Ages, similar to the DRC one (although with of course no officialness behind it). At the moment I'm mostly focusing on MOULa because that is a mountain of work by itself with how out of date the website is. In the future I may branch out to some of the projects on Gehn Shard and Deep Island as well :) Weaving that careful line between 100% canon IC and OOC.
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Re: Age Progress Updates

Postby Chacal » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:08 pm

I like it. It has useful information, and presents it very cleraly. Navigation is intuitive.
I just hope that you won't stop updating it.

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