Issue with offline ki and EAX sounds restauration

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Re: Issue with offline ki and EAX sounds restauration

Postby Sirius » Thu Jan 04, 2024 4:20 am

Your Python scripts broke, it seems.

This could be an issue with file dates... Uru has a rather unfortunate way of handling conflicts between Python files, which may be incompatible with Steam/GoG.

Go to Uru's install folder, then to the Python folder. Switch the file explorer to detailed view, and sort by modified date. Check the modified times of python.pak and journals.pak. Are they more ancient than all the other pak files ? If not, there is probably your issue. Try using 7zip to extract agearchives/offlineki-- Then in the extracted folder, move all the Python/*.pak files to overwrite the ones in the main Python folder. Theoretically this should reset the modified date of those paks to the current time, which will be more recent than journal.pak and python.pak.

If that doesn't solve it, check in the Logs folder, and upload the Python.0.elf file here so we can have a look at what's wrong.

EDIT: that, or if it only happens when you're running with the dsound.dll, then use the DLL I provided earlier in this thread instead. Should help.
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