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Postby zib_redlektab » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:43 pm


I have a special category labeled "AWESOME" in my e-mail program of choice, and every single e-mail from a cyanist ever (even a c&d letter) is in there :P. I honor them to the extreme, and any news is better than no news. (Even if the news is no news)
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Postby Tsar Hoikas » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:23 am

Okay, let's not start a flame war here. Comments like that which are not constructive should NOT BE POSTED!!!

EDIT: Referring to stahhin's post.
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Postby stanhin » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:53 am

You've got awfully thin skin if you think mine was a flame. It was nothing more than an analysis of the reasons why I believe Volcano (and all its creators) should be attractive to Cyan. And I would suggest we can do without the shouting.
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Postby Starfyre » Wed Apr 26, 2006 10:13 am

It already is a flame war. Your bashing each other. Therefor I am locking this thread.


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