Myst Online Hope it switches to Unity Engine Next

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Should Myst Online Switch to the Unity Engine?

Poll ended at Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:24 pm

it should stay with current Engine
Switch to Unity Engine for Myst Online
Be called RealMyst Online if they use Unity Engine
Switch to Unreal Development Engine instead
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or use Unreal 4 Engine
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Myst Online Hope it switches to Unity Engine Next

Postby maximalred » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:24 pm

I hope that they do myst online on unity engine in the future. say in the next years coming up

I think at this point for Myst online to have the same standards as realMyst Masterpiece Edition, with patches and fixes of course.
I think if myst online was to be used more they need to now compete with the offline game of realMyst Masterpiece Edition, or they lose more players to offline realmyst
and they may see less people in uru online because they are all playing on realMyst Masterpiece Edition now.

Plus they could apply Myst Online into using OculusPlugin whatever it does for the Unity Engine,

the hardest part would be converting ages, and updating them for unity engine but I think a lot of people would like to see that happen if cyan listens to myst fans that is

So what do you think about a Project where Myst Online switch to Unity engine ?

or Unreal Development Engine for Ages, just putting that in their for Effects and more in Unity since it can do more than the normal engine that cyan is using at this point
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Re: Myst Online Hope it switches to Unity Engine Next

Postby GPNMilano » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:03 pm

Myst Online cannot switch to another engine. I'm under the impression that whatever deal Cyan made with GameTap to reacquire the rights to Myst Online, involved negotiations to a part of the profits if Cyan were to release Myst Online as a paid subscription service. Or perhaps the deal even prevents them from doing so. Without the ability to actually make money off of Myst Online, Cyan is not going to invest their cash from other projects to develop a game that they cannot generate money off of. As a result Myst Online will stay free to play, and thus never move from the engine it currently has. We as fans are also not able to move the game to another engine as the assets of the game (The sounds, textures etc) belong to Cyan and they do not want them being used in another engine. Period. However many, if not all the things you want out of the engine is possible. Plasma is an open-source engine. Meaning that we can make whatever improvements that we want to it. Improved shaders, bloom affects, motion blur etc etc. What we lack are skilled programmers with the knowledge and desire to improve the engine. The ones we do have, consistently are working to improve the engine in their spare time.

BTW, their are some branches of the Plasma Engine that do have limited support for the Occulus Rift. However it's not yet fully functioning and thus has not been added to the main branches of the Plasma engine yet.
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