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Re: Hey Everyone!!!

Postby cskid13 » Tue May 05, 2015 10:13 am

Can Blender export for MO:UL now?
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Re: Hey Everyone!!!

Postby Dulcamara » Tue May 05, 2015 11:00 am

Dendwaler wrote:
Yes it is but......only in the beginning.
when you evolve it becomes harder and harder to master it.
Blender is the opposit.
It has a steep learncurve in the beginning , later all the new stuff is in its base the same as you Learned before.
So it will become easier on the long term. besides that, when you master both , then Blender will be the fastest to build In something, by far.
So for the long term i prefer Blender.

I agree with Dendwaler and Sirius ....yes i am a Blender Fan too :!: :!: :!:

After i worked about two years with Blender, I tried to build with 3DS max.
But I gave up after a short time. It was so rigid and complicated. I love working with Blender and also with the Alcsripts.
Although I do not really understand what I was doing. :lol: It is fun when it works then anyway.
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Re: Hey Everyone!!!

Postby Karkadann » Tue May 05, 2015 12:00 pm

willsonjohn90 wrote:/ You have made me more confused now it looks I need to have deep knowledge of both and then go further...

I think that was the idea, in any case like I mentioned earlier, Blender does have a longer history with Age writing, in addition you will
get more help here if you use Blender because as you can see not many people here are all that familiar with Max.

In the end its all just advice based on personal option and experience all we can do is influence and advise
the final decision is yours don't let the Max or the Blender artist decide for you and don't be discouraged, you can
always change your mind later

My advise would be to learn both and specialize in one of them. There will be opportunities in the future for people who
are proficient in both Blender and Max more so then someone who only knows one or the other. Not to mention a boat
load of other plug-ins for Max 1-16 you can use for age creation and projects outside of the Myst community

http://www.maxplugins.de/max7.php?range ... ort=Author
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Re: Hey Everyone!!!

Postby willsonjohn90 » Tue May 05, 2015 9:01 pm

Sirius wrote:I never used 3dsMax, but I can confirm working with Blender is quite fast once you're used to it. This is mainly because Blender uses a lot of shortcuts to switch tools, which is quicker than the interface.
In fact, most of the time I spend on making Ages is either getting PyPRP to export my materials correctly, or trying to understand AlcScript so it exports logic and puzzles correctly. So even though building meshes with Blender is fast, exporting the Age is less simple (in my case I sometimes have to spend hours to fix a single issue). Max is probably less of a headache, which means in the end both are good choices.
Maybe future versions of the plugin for Blender will make exporting easier, though.

Personally I prefer Blender since it's open source and I'm used to it, but I can understand it might not be very attractive to newcomers.

As for using a legal version of Max: since AFAIK there is no way to know if an Age is built using a legal or nonlegal version, I don't know if that's relevant to mention it. It's up to the artist to decide whether he is willing to afford the tool, and take the risk of having links to the Age removed by moderators.

willsonjohn90 wrote:You have made me more confused now it looks I need to have deep knowledge of both and then go further...
In my opinion, there is no "best" choice anyway, just pick whichever sounds better to you, and with perseverance you can build good Ages regardless of the tool.

/ Now I just need to start with any of these and I think that once i am used to any of these I will be able to solve my queries and if at any point it seems that it is not working out for me I will just swith to other. But there is one loss that I have to again start fresh...
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Re: Hey Everyone!!!

Postby dendwaler » Tue May 05, 2015 11:42 pm

Gaining knowledge is never a lost..

Anyway, an excelllent Blender course is from Neil Hirsig and can be found here:


and on vimeo

Those wonderfull Worlds are called " Ages" , because that is what it takes to build one.


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