New Here (except I'm really not)

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New Here (except I'm really not)

Postby Montgomery » Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:08 pm

Hi, guys.

I recently discovered my old Gateway laptop the back of my closet, and decided to click on the MO:UL launcher to see what would happen. It's all still there! And there are people! I haven't played since the cavern closed, although I did try to carry on for awhile. I was the original Grand Master of the Maintainer's guild, and I thought we could get a real partnership with the Writers going, but everyone's motivation dried up and I moved on.

Now it's six years later and I thought it might be fun to tool around in Uru and try to get all of my clothing rewards and Relto pages again. I'm starting from scratch. Someone in the cavern on my first night told me there was a list of activities posted on the GoW site, so here I am. I even remembered my old login for this forum.

So now I'd like to learn more about this shard business and how to get in on that. I'm not programmer, and never had any ambitions to create any worlds, however I did have a pretty extensive in-game storyline I was all set to run when the game ended and all of the explorers drifted away. I have some experience in this area. Maybe some of you remember "Jolatha's Journal" and "Turlikut's Dreams" released to the cavern by "Tricial Isaacson" who claimed to be from the original DRC research team? That was me. I have a major storyline designed for in-game play in the original cavern, which did not actually require any additional content at all, but could have included participation from all of the guilds. There were bad guys and secret D'ni technology, and all kinds of cool stuff. If anyone is interested, I would love to pass it on, in case it can still be implemented in some way. It had to do with the discovery of the D'ni Ink-Works and how a group of explorers was holding it hostage, preventing any of the Writers to complete their new ages. Contact me at if you are interested.

If anyone can direct me to the Idiot's Guide to MO:UL Shards, that would be great. Thanks.
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Re: New Here (except I'm really not)

Postby Karkadann » Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:05 pm

Here's a bit of info from the Myst online forums Fan Run MOULa Based Server a few open source shards
There is also the The Deep Island Shard one of the older shards with I believe over a hundred or so fan ages and some new Relto pages
Each shard should have info on installing and trouble shooting

Wamduskasapa Is a member of several shards, knows his way around the shard circuit and might be able to help
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Re: New Here (except I'm really not)

Postby Wamduskasapa » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:15 am

There are many open Shards out there

I would also suggest URU-Moul/The Open Cave and URU-tPots/The Open Cave
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Re: New Here (except I'm really not)

Postby Nev'yn » Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:27 pm

"I remember you."

Or to be more correct, I recall reading your chat during my researches into the history of GoMe.
Anys, the All Guilds Meeting is tomorrow (Sat - 4/2), you may wish to attend. Doobes will be discussing the Age he's working on.

There will also be a New Explorer Info Session around 14:00 similar to old ResEng speech in the Beginner's Hood, after the meeting.

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