Korman 0.06 Parenting Bug

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Korman 0.06 Parenting Bug

Postby J'Kla » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:58 am

As you know I am recreating my Enobmort age for Korman export.

This consists of a number of duplicated elements and in order to move them easily and accurately I have considered making them a child of an empty then moving the empty digitally to get accurate placing.

I spent ages making empties with children and then making those empties children of a master empty.

It all went haywire.

So after back tracking I took a single Cell placed an empty at its center an made the cell a child of the parent empty.

Exported to PotS The cell still appears but has lost its collision effects.

This may not be true for MOULa shards as I don't have that regime in place yet.

Remove the child link to the empty and the collision effects return.

So I will be able to use this method but it will take an eternity to un-parent I will look at other methods considering each parent link has to be made individually and likewise for the un-parenting.

I tried giving the empty the collision but that failed at export.

[Edit 2]

This appears to be another one where it is an issue for TpotS export but not for a MOULa type export everything works when I use a MOULa export and test that using Destiny.

[/Edit 2]
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