Using Korman 0.06 With Destiny

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Using Korman 0.06 With Destiny

Postby J'Kla » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:30 am

Using Destiny to test Korman 0.06 created or ages migrated to Korman 0.06.

Windows Step by step. (Note I am using Windows 7 home, detail may differ for other flavours)

Create a login and activate an account on the Destiny forum.

Log in to Uru Live and allow any updating to run (this just makes sure you have the latest downloads) then Log out.

Locate your Uru Live folder I found mine in my “Program Files(x86)” Folder copy this folder to some other location I used the root of my C: drive. You can put it in any directory you choose but if you are using this for testing age building the rood of a directory will make it easier to find.

Rename this folder (I called mine “Destiny”).

Retrieve the Precompiled H’uru Client from this links on this forum page.

This will retrieve a file you need to unzip this somewhere probably the folder where you saved the download.

Unzipped you will have 11 files and 2 folders Python and SDL copy these to your new Destiny folder replacing any existing files.

In amongst those files is an exe file plClient.exe right click on this and drag to your desktop release and create a shortcut. You can now rename this shortcut.

Right click on the shortcut select properties and edit the contents of the box Target. You need to append a space followed by –LocalData note if you put your Destiny folder in a sub directory the string in the Target box may be contained in quote marks put the space –LocalData after the closing quote. Note there is no space in between Local and Data.

You are ready to start your Destiny connection and the first time you use it may take a while but of you have a Msg counter on a black screen with a lot of rapidly changing numbers use [Alt][F4] to kill the screen the first time I did this it got to over 500,000 messages before I quit this was before I made a copy of the URU Live folder Doh!.

If you have done this correctly you will be presented with a normal MOULa login screen but with “Welcome to DestinyURU!” in the top left.
Login using your Destiny Forum Login and Password.

You will now be presented with the normal Avatar creation menu however you will not be able to create an avatar with a name that contains an apostrophe mark ‘ as this is the key used to call up the Plasma console.

Do some basic testing like retrieving a KI is a good one then Log out.

The documentation for the Plasma console will probably be useful later I personally dumped this into a word file and created a hard copy. (This is not a required step).

Ok back at Blender Korman 0.06 you have created a basic age as per the Guild of Writers Wiki: Korman: Getting Started.

Make sure you are using an age name not already in the pantheon of Cyan Uru or Fan built ages and that you are using a unique Sequence Prefix.

Export your age from Blender to do this you must have at least one object selected (any object) without the selection you will just not see the Export Plasma option.

In the version box you need to have Myst Online: URU Live (70) selected and you need to navigate your output to an empty folder.

When you come to exporting by default it will try to use your blender file name if you are anything like me this may have incremental instance numbers but you can edit this to be anything but I have found keeping it to a single name followed by .age keeps things simple.

I tried Exporting directly to the Destiny folder and for some reason this failed.


I have since re-tried exporting direct to my destiny dat folder and it has worked it is just worth noting if you are going to try and get your age onto some shard you probably need to have some location that is not that dat folder so you can zip and pass the files.

On an aside I installed some tools for Korman properties (korman_operators The details are in TUTORIAL AND INFORMATION REQUESTS thread) that Sirius made available this has been useful for splitting this big age into pages.


Exporting may be quick or may take some time depending on the size of your age even my monstrously big age only took 110 seconds to export. In amongst that could be a message about DAG Zero not allowed to happen this at this time appears not to effect export in any adverse fashion.

At this point the assumption is this is a basic age without Python or SDL that will come later.

Your export folder should now contain six files in the following list replace name with you age name


The log file is only needed if you are going to do some debugging investigation so for now you can delete this but you need to copy the other five files to the dat folder inside your Destiny folder.

Ok head back and re-launch Destiny once you are standing on your relto use the apostrophe key to open the Plasma Console in this you need to enter the following.

Net.LinkToAge name

Where the name is the name of your new age.

Oddly the Plasma console appears to NOT be case sensitive (Go Figure).

If you link and you get a black screen with an Arrow cursor then there is something wrong with your age possibly you chose the wrong type in export. Use [Alt][F4] to exit.

A totally black Age and you may need to have change your object colour to be emitting I found a value of 0.4 worked for me.

A black avatar add a basic light source to your age.

All of these things can be changed later once you gain age building experience but for now you just want the joy of using your age.

Use the apostrophe key a couple of times to exit the Plasma Console

Once you are at your age it is time to experiment.

Shift P gets you flymode U=up H=Down Caps Lock toggles speed other normal keys for Navigation. Shif P again switches flymode off.

Time for you to explore the lessons in the Guild of Writers Wiki. :D

Links to this thread added to the Open URU Forum and Destiny Forum.
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