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Moving On

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 3:10 am
by J'Kla
Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about migrating Uru to other Game Engines all of which have resulted in an amazing amount of hand wringing argument.

Of late I have made an investigation of building a LAN dirtsand shard for Fan Age development specifically for using the Korman extension of Blender to export MOULa type ages and I have to presume the dirtsand shard will actually play those fan ages exported from age writers who are using 3DMax as a development tool.

Now I know and have always appreciated that Cyan source is out of bounds and that is definitely not the direction I am looking at here.

We know that Cyan has made a load of stuff Open Source and now that we have tools available in Blender (not trying to dis those using 3DMax it is just as valid a method and approach) I was wondering if we can use the engine as is to create some sort of a new start.

At present no matter what shard method we use alcugs, dirtsand, Deep Island Drizzle or MOSS we always by default end up on a Relto or Via the Desert Cleft and thence to Relto from an initall Avatar Customization screen and at present (and here I am speaking from my dirtsand experience) you have to go via some hoops (Plasma Console) to visit a fan age.

I know that alcugs/Deep Island added an area to Nexus where you could link to fan ages from the page available in nexus and indeed even some via new books on your relto bookcase.

With Cyan ages sacrosanct technically changes to Relto and the Nexus are strictly speaking an infringement of IP.

Although I do believe there was some sanctioned option to tinker with clothing.

In the past I was considering an exploration of a back story that had an offshoot of the linking method pre D’ni Cavern. That way we steer clear of any Cyan property.

This resulted in an idea I kicked around in this thread viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6752 where I explored an idea proposed by Tweek called Vaal’lin. Tweek vetoed using Vaal’lin so we would need another approach.

I am still open to ideas where we use all of the Blender 3Dmax skill base to build a set of worlds (trying desperately to find a term that’s not ages) that steers clear of Cyan IP but keeping some form of location jumping (I am trying desperately to avoid using the term linking) That uses some primary location that is not called Relto. Communicating with a device that’s not a KI. Where you can visit a Nexus that is not THE Nexus.

But one that uses all that we have in the Blender 3DMax toolbox kindly given to us by Cyan.

I have created a path for novice age writers to create a home LAN based testing shard and I have discovered a way to make that shard accessible over a wider internet to a small exclusive shared audience.

I am not claiming that discovery as mine just discovery in the personal sense of discovering something that was already there.

At some point I hope to explore the option of using a data server method of supplying fan ages from the shard.

At present you need to manually add the fan .age & .prp etc. as a manual installation to the client but I am given to believe it is possible.

There has to be a way of kicking off Uru that does not fall down the rabbit hole of hijacking all of Cyan’s good will and work.

We know there is some way of changing some of the start because Ghen Shard (I am given to believe is technically a dirtsand shard) has a different background where the Avatar selection does not have the original Teledhan Mushroom background image.

Does anyone know of a way to go from Avatar customization to a place other than relto probably to a nexus (that’s not the Nexus) where you find links that are not Journey Books, Cloths, Tapestries or Scrolls (Scrolls was Tweeks idea).

I have kicked into play my Nilodnam age where you visit a gallery and when you touch the pictures you link (for the want of a better word and there are no links yet) to the age (for the want of a better word) and in that age you find something that will allow you to either link to another age or back to the Nilodnam gallery where you linked out.

At present my Nilodnam age has pictures that are screenshots of Fan Ages (the original is on Deep Island & Drizzle) now modified and changed (reduced number of images) to a Korman Source that is not on Deep Island or Drizzle I had to remove a load of pictures because there was a memory overhead that Korman could not handle.

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 4:26 am
by Deledrius
J'Kla wrote:Does anyone know of a way to go from Avatar customization to a place other than relto probably to a nexus (that’s not the Nexus) where you find links that are not Journey Books, Cloths, Tapestries or Scrolls (Scrolls was Tweeks idea).

This is trivial. Just change this line to the name of whatever Age you want a new player to link into: ...

The hard work is creating the new content. Changing the game to use the engine for new content is not hard (relatively speaking - there are little assumptions peppered around that would need to be tweaked).

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 6:59 am
by J'Kla
Tried that Python change and it did not work but I was trying to make it link to one of my ages "Nilodnam" loaded into the client /dat folder like I would do for Destiny

I can link to it if I use the Plasma Console and use Net.LinkToAge Nilodnam

But making that Suggested Python change it just sits there for an absolute age with the "Linking To Age" message swapped it back and everything was back to normal. ;)

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 8:31 am
by Tsar Hoikas
Probably because that age's vault is not initialized with a Net.LinkWithOriginalBook

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 8:40 am
by Deledrius
Hmm, that should work, but it's been more than six years since I messed with it. I can't investigate at the moment, but I'll take a look later when I can.

I made a working solution back then that might interest you: ... 45bd310767

It moves the HomeAge into a Chronicle node stored in the database, so players can have different HomeAges and have them change over the course of the game if desired, too. This could be useful for your overhaul idea.

Edit: Ah, cross-posted with Hoikas. Yes, that's probably correct. Forgot about that part! Yes, the code assumes the player has an owned copy of the Age. This should be easy to amend. (I hate the overly-complex technical linking rules...)

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:20 am
by J'Kla
Overly complex linking rules are probably par for the course. ;)

Re: Moving On

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:20 pm
by Deledrius
J'Kla wrote:Overly complex linking rules are probably par for the course. ;)

That's Uru! I'm specifically talking about these, so very well-detailed by D'Lanor: Instancing Explained Through Linking Rules

I think the best way to fix this is probably to check for an owned age, and link by an OwnedAgeLink if it exists or else use an OriginalAgeLink if not.

Edit: Here's an updated version of the HomeAge feature that should fix the problem you ran into.

Change the name "Personal" in line 567 to the name of whatever Age you want the default HomeAge to be. You can also change it for any avatar through your Age scripts by retrieving that chronicle and setting a new value, or you can change it manually for debugging using the Plasma Console with the Python.Cheat.setHomeAge ("your_age_name_here") command.