Submitting your Age for Chiso Preniv

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Submitting your Age for Chiso Preniv

Postby Doobes » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:29 pm

Note that this is for Ages other than those found on Gehn Shard. Tre'bivdil, Fehnir's House and Vothol Gallery already have assets built into Chiso.

For those working on submitting an Age and would like a Linking Book added to Chiso Preniv, here's what will be needed:

1. Filename of the Age, ie how it appears in the game's "dat" folder. This should primarily be letters and numbers. Note that, while no space between names is ideal, if absolutely needed, underscores "_" are preferred over hyphens "-" or actual spaces. Otherwise, no special characters in the filename, please!

2. Actual name of the Age, as in how it should appear in-game (generally, letters, numbers and apostrophes). For example, despite the filename being "Garden", in-game, it appears as Eder Kemo.

3. Linking Panel texture, preferably in PNG format. This should be a 410x160 image of your Age (it will look a bit squished, but will appear normal in-game) surrounded with a transparent border that brings the final image size to 512x256.

4. The name of the preferred Link in spawn point. If none is given, LinkInPointDefault will be used.

5. What type of instance you would like. Unless a special UUID is set up, this can only be Private (ie personal instance like the journey Ages, good for Ages with puzzles to solve) or Closed Loop (instance connected to Chiso for easier Linking of groups, like the Books in the hoods. Good for group puzzle Ages). Note that all fan Ages are public instanced on Deep Island by default.

If a UUID is obtained and cleared with GoW, OpenURU, etc., be sure to include that as well and a public instance will be set instead.

You can PM me everything either here or on Discord. Some of this may change at some point, but this should be the gist of what is needed.
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