Marker Editor - Error after updates

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Marker Editor - Error after updates

Postby JahmanMyst » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:44 pm

I had recently gotten the Marker Editor setup and working again.
But then, it launches into loading the MOUL,a avatar screen logon, but when I chose an avatar to go into the game with, I get the following message:

URU has experienced a serious error and needs to close
Please submit your log to the developer
In the bottom left Loading file screen reads: Loading age personal . . . VeryVerySpecialPythonFileMod . . . as it froze showing.

I tried replacing the dat. and sfx. files in the Client file after going into MOUL,a and getting more updates.
Hoping they might carry a fix to the error. But it didn't help.

I managed to covert all of my YAML Marker Quests into JSON and using the Marker Editor I was able to upload half of them back into my MOUL,a game. Then Marker Editor stopped working again after the Feb./ March Update.
And I was in the process of remaking some of my Marker Puzzle Quests to play easier, since the PhysX of the game changed and many of my markers could no long be reached.

Speaking to another explorer who told me the MOUL,a client had been updated and changed for fan age content coming.
I managed to find my way into DISCORD Technical Support. Chogon, Marten, Adam {Hoikas}, dpogue, and calumTraver have posted to the technical issues involve with the fix or remaking of the Marker Editor.
I had wondered if the Python file in my marker editor client was affecte by the updates, since that was when it stopped working.
UPDATED Information: The answer was YES!
The recent update changed the H'uru client from 2.7 to 3.9 Version. The Marker Editor worked with Python 2.0 and
it was suggested the Old Marker Editor (M.E.) have the Python .py files converted from 2.0 to 3.0.
However, further technical posts suggested that alone wouldn't fix it.

Evidently, CHAT in DISCORD has the Technical Support channel to get help for MOULa issues.

I didn't know how to submit the log to the developer for help, because I don't know were the log was located. Technical told me it was in my Uru Live folder in my Documents folder in the Log Folder.
And I don't how to find the developer the message references. I believe DISCORD Technical Support is now the developer to help us. [/size]

I am presently trying to decipher the Technical Support posts to understand what can and will be done to get a Marker Editor working for us all again.
I was told the Marker Quests were upgraded from the original 999 markers to 1,200 markers.

UPDATE: 4/27/2021
THE MARKER EDITOR is Crucial Tool to creating Marker Games and Story Quests because to edit markers to contain TEXT, you had to manually scroll your ki in Marker Edit mode one marker at a time by clicking the down arrow on the ki.
Because the ki marker edit mode had NO scroll down ability for the markers, after you had put text into a marker, the ki would then return back at the beginning of marker list after you edited a marker.
This meant you had to click the down arrow 11 times to get to the 12th marker to put text into it. (Not counting text edit marker mistakes), then repeat clicking the down arrow 12 times until you got the 13th marker.
As you might understand now, the down arrow had NO scroll feature to it. You had to click the down arrow each time to advance to the next marker in the list starting at the beginning each time you added text a marker in the list.
And then do it all over again and again one click more that all those before each time to reach the next farthest marker.
A Marker Quest of 100 markers could take hundreds and hundreds of clicks to build. Extremely labor intensive, and it certainly limited Marker Quest text puzzles and stories to only 50 to 60 markers.
Any more than that and it became way too unreasonable to build anything larger time wise.

MY BREAK THROUGH: I was able to expand my ki’s edit mode by using my programmable G15 Logitech keyboard to get the down arrow to scroll for me to the next marker without all the clicking.
But even then, you still had to start at the beginning of the ki’s marker list and scroll through to the next marker every time you edited text into a marker.
That still meant scrolling over and over again at least the number of markers you had. (Not Counting Edit Text Errors Made)
So, it was a start at taking a very labor intensive work to build sophisticated Marker Game Puzzles and Stories to the next level.

MARKER EDITOR: Then an explorer named Lyrositor figured out how to build a Marker Quest Editor that allowed us to Download any MOUL Game Marker Quest into a text file and open it with the notepad program.
That allowed those of us determined enough to Copy/ Paste the file into Excel. Once in Excel, you could set up columns to organize the markers for editing.
First Column was kept as the original (Working Game) marker text data untouched.
The second column was a copy of the first column for editing by typing or Copy/ Pasting the text you had ready in the third column into each marker.
The third column was the text you want to insert (Copy/ Paste) into each marker in the second column.
The fourth column was a copy of the second column edit changes and used for the upload of the final game file back into notepad.
If the game failed to load back into the game, you used the original first column data as a reference to look for mistakes made that were preventing the file from uploading.
Mostly those mistakes were made in changing a marker's location data. For some, we got bold enough to change where the markers’ location was. Make the marker a little higher or lower.
Once we edited the Markers location and text, we simply had to Copy/ Paste the Quest Game file back into the Notepad file format to clean it from the Excel file format.
Place it back into our games folder and then use the Marker Editor commands to upload it back into the game. BAM you had Quest Marker game of Poetry, Riddles, Arithmetic puzzle, a story, or whatever!

The Marker Editor Tool made the building of my Quest Series of Games and Story Journals possible. Without it, I can’t restore, fix or update any of my original work, nor can I create any new work .
Why did they upgrade the Marker Quests from 999 markers to 1,200 makers and provide No Editing Tool to explorers to build with?
I am hoping the importance of this Marker Editor Tool being remade or fixed can be seen.
Look! I understand the client/ server codes have changed a lot over of the years. A LOT! The storage of Marker Quests now being on the server.
And it likely will take months and months of coding to fix and make. I just wanted to know that some of the fan age coders are willing to at least start rebuilding on it now to get it started.
Having such a tool available to explorers could open up a whole new area of game content. That was how I saw the Marker Quests as, the first means for explorers to build and create something for every explorers in the cavern.
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