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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Whilyam » Sat Sep 29, 2007 6:10 pm

Hi. Whilyam here!

I got interested in Uru shortly after Uru Live shut down (I had disliked it before in favor of the beautiful pre-rendered gold that Riven was). Around Christmas of 04, I got the Uru:ABM demo and was addicted. I think I played the Cleft a dozen times (Before the shards! :P). Got into the community around summer of '05

I had looked at the fan ages in CC for a while and wanted to wait for Cyan tools. When Guilds were announced, I eventually grew tired of waiting and went ahead anyhow. I have no experience (nor real interest) in programming, but feel confident I can do texturing and some modeling (and wait patiently for someone to prove how utterly wrong I am :P)
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby James L » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:07 pm

Well met,

I'm JL.
I awoke scared and alone in a harsh and cold age named 'Relto', to discover I was apparently an explorer in a mysterious cavern. I decided that I could keep myself calm my writing a journal into my newly-found KI system, and maybe even come upon some answers. It has been months since then. I have realised that my writing does, in fact, help me immensely, so I took the chance when it arrived to support the Guild of Writers. In all my time in The Cavern, one event has perturbed me greatly, perhaps above all else. I do not know why. I found, one morning, a name, messily scripted into the tag on my GoW shirt. James Leslie. Perhaps here, I will find some answers.

That's IC, anyway. My name is on the list as a writer/designer. I cannot draw, programme, animate or any developmental things, but I can type one Eder Gira of an RTF document! I'm also a well-rounded artist (they say I can play the piano, and I do have an electric keyboard and a few music programmes and whatnot), I just don't have much training in the numerous fields. I have the feel for art, however! And science, for that matter. I'm just not all that well versed in such things at the moment.

I have been working on an age concept, with a chap named Eschaton, for which I wrote some journals. Speaking of which, have any of you seen him? Hmmmmm.

To the point, I'll be happy to help in any way I can.
James Leslie, Guild of Writers
And so, I close, realising that perhaps the ending has not yet been written.
- Atrus
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Eschaton » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:26 pm

Hi James :D

I was about to introduce myself here, I've been posting elsewhere on these boards.
Anyway, name's Eschaton, or at least that's my most common name. So we'll leave it at that. Anyway, I can do some of the technical stuff. I can texture, and I have worked before as a texture artist for mod to a game called Total Annihilation. It was an RTS, and is in my past, but I'd be happy to share some of my work with anyone curious. I'm learning C++, and Java in school, niether of which will really help in blender. Speaking of, I'm trying to learn blender, and having little success. I've modeled before (trial of Rhino, and maya), but blender confounds me. I also *can* write music, and am currently working on a track for an age me and James L are working on. Not sure if it's a good "showcase" age, but it's a fine concept, and a great story thus far. I suppose I should add that I'm not pryftan's list yet, I will be soon. Anyway, I'm kind of an upbeat guy on the internet, so most people have to limit their exposure to me. I'll go ahead and end my intro post before it gets out of hand.

. . . But I might come back and edit it later >.>
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby belford » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:40 pm

I'm Belford; Zarf in some contexts, Andrew Plotkin in others. I've spent some time writing reviews and discussion of Myst and other adventure games. At this point, that includes a lot about Uru.

I design text adventure games. I expect that designing Myst Ages will be a very different experience, but I want to give it a shot. For skills, I have lots of experience with puzzle and story elements, I program (I know Python), I've played a little bit with sound effects, and I started up Blender once.

I've been pretty outspoken about how I want the GoW -- and the Guilds -- to work. The short form is, I am interested in writing Uru Live Ages, and in helping other people to do the same. I see the Guild as a valuable tool in making those things happen. If that sounds trivially obvious, then good -- we agree. :)

I don't know if I'm going to get involved in large, long-term projects. My time is haphazard at best, and I don't want to make commitments that I can't keep. But I intend to do work on my own, and then document it as examples, tutorials, or help for the community.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Kierra » Sun Sep 30, 2007 12:34 am

Heya, Kierra here. :)

I've been around since the beginning of Until Uru--I missed prologue by a narrow two weeks because I didn't have a computer capable of running Uru. By the time my new computer came prologue had been canceled. :(

But once Until Uru was up and running, I became a regular on the Tapestry shard, Slackers shard and Great Tree shard, with Avatars always named Kierra Windsong. Because of dialup issues, I lost many avatars to "fetching player disease", so Kierra had many descendants.

Once the UserKI became available, I spent days on end scouring every inch I could reach of the city, finding all the interesting and unnoticed places....and all of the best hiding places, coincidentally. ;) This knowledge came in handy when I became one of the founders of the popular Sardines game :D

Some of you may remember me from my "evil" marker games, and City Tours, a tour of all of the interesting and hard to reach places of Ae'gura with the help of a volunteer admin and their adminKI. :)

I began Age Building almost two years ago, starting with an age called Rockshelf (I gave up on it, but I may salvage it eventually), and N'cessity, the Necessary age, if you...ah, catch my drift *cough* ;) N'cessity is a tongue-in-cheek age--an answer to the common question "where are all the bathrooms in D'ni?" :lol:

Never got around to sharing either rockshelf or N'cessity on Uru Age Manager, so no one else had played around in any of my ages at that point.

And then I kind of got burnt out on Age building for about 6 months. Then around the time D'mala showed up, I felt the urge to Age build again, so I picked up the tools and worked on Rockshelf and N'cessity...then got burnt out again for a bit.

Then about two months ago I started feeling the urge to age build *again*, so I started playing around with it....then suddenly the Guild pubs opened up, and the possibility of fan-created ages in Live is looking up!

So I find it an amusing coincidence that every time I get the urge to Age build again, it turns out that fan-created content is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality :D

Mostly my skills lie in Blender modeling and concept art.

I tend to struggle with advancing past "intermediate" level in Blender mostly because I learn easier from somebody showing me how to do things, rather than following written directions... so its an uphill battle for me so far.

I'm absolutely rotten with Python, and know nothing of programing or music.

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby realXCV » Sun Sep 30, 2007 12:38 am

I'm realXCV. I can be also xcv. However, I'm not real95.

I first played myst in 1998.
Riven in 2001 or 2002.
Exile in 2000 or 2001.
Revelation in 2004.
End of Ages in 2005.

I have more knowlege in Myst IV than in any other myst game.

In uru since christmas 2003 (no live until d'mala)
I have some knowledge in c++,python and others random languages you won't use. I'm good at creating hard puzzle and really hard minkata markers quests (i'm not able to complete my own quest even if I know the key to it). I never managed to create anything in blender even while reading a tutorial. I'm better with XSI. My artistic skills are very low except for somes images adjustments.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Jojon » Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:13 am

Well, hello, Jojon here.

I have a half-feeling I shouldn't really be here, since I am not yet on live (for my own economic and computer-market-political reasons :P), but since the action is still happening around the existing efforts, I'll chip in anyway and maybe I'll catch up, by the time the truly official stuff gets up and running.

I try to be something of a jack of all trades - botcher at many things, master at none, learning things by trial and error, at the times they become needed. If I manage to make something, it's likely to be small solo efforts - I just have difficulties finding the time to get involved with coordinated things. That said, I'd love to help out with anything, should anybody find themselves with a simple little task, but short of man-hours. You'd just have to keep in mind that I am unreliable, to say it mildly. :)

To briefly touch the issue of guild politics: I noticed somebody expressed slight annoyance with the overuse of the word "elitism". Now I must say that I've only ever seen that word used by authoritarians, in strawman arguments against more anarchistic elements. Maybe I have just not read the right pieces... Anyway; as you might be able to tell, I belong to the latter group.
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Jinglish » Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:25 am

Jinglish, KI 181146 in cavern.

Myst fan since 1994 through all the games and books. Interested in the d'ni universe backstory.

PR guy in real life.

Concept age development, storylines, writing of age journals and other descriptive texts would be my forte.

I use design concepts in my work in PR but do not code or use design tools...
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby Kato » Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:37 am

What's up, Writers?

I'm Kato, KI#336436, email znorth AT gmail DOT com. I've been playing the MYST series since 1995, URU and variations since November 2003, and I've probably been credited for more than I deserve. But what I did do is start the Guild of Age Crafters in 2004--a community that was intended to be much like, well, like this place is. A one-stop place for MYST/URU fans and artists. Unfortunately, it never worked out so well, but we maintained a small following of loyal and dedicated members (hi Zib! :D). I also, along with Mystified Explorer, created most of the ideas and storyline for the GoAC fangame project, Search for the Springs of Kehlbet, which I hope to make a GoW project as soon as possible. I also contributed art assets (few) and support (lots, monetary and emotional) to the URU in Second Life project--Telador Island. Unfortunately (yet again!), Telador Island came to a close in 2006. It was reopened at the end of the year as MYST Online URU Live Island, sponsored by Cyan, but was finally shut down, perhaps for the last time, earlier this year. I am a relatively skilled modeler and texture artist, and I also write, direct, and do voice acting. At the moment my talents (;)) are available to whomever wants them and has an idea that interests me. Oh, one more thing, I've also been a UO member since 2003 and currently serve on the In-Game Staff there, bringing you news in the Cavern Today. :D

One last thing (I promise!), I must quote Jojon on this. This, as said by Jojon, describes me perfectly: "jack of all trades - botcher at many things, master at none, learning things by trial and error, at the times they become needed...You'd just have to keep in mind that I am unreliable," Keep that in mind when you request my help! :)

I look forward to working with all you talented people!

(explorer card designed and created by me)
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Postby The Noble Robot » Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:39 am

Hello all,

I am The Noble Robot.

I played MYST as a kid on my old Win3.1 computer, but was never a fan. However, my wife (The Noble Robotte) was a huge fan of both Myst and Riven, so one day I bought her Uru:CC. We played it together and I got hooked. We later bought and played through all the Myst games together.

Then some time later I got an email from Cyan about UU. I bought a Kagi Key and started playing, but I never really got into the community aspect. At this time I started thinking about making my own ages. I built maps for Quake and Quake II way back in the day, so I was kinda excited to get back into that. Alas, not much came of it then. But since MOUL started I've gone back and made a few CC ages in Blender.

When MOUL launched, I was there on day one. I have been a fully active member of the community ever since.

I'm known in the community mainly for my map of and solution to Minkata, posted the morning after its release, and I'm also infamous (apparently) for demanding and receiving a personal apology from Cyan employees after the debacle that was the Rand Miller meet and greet.... what a fun weekend that was... :D :D

I also run The Jalak Registry, which is the database of player-created Jalak games and Bloc art.

As for my skills, I am a video and motion graphics artist, so with that and my previous game-level design experience, I can model and texture ages. I also am employed as a web developer/designer and have a coding background, so while I do not know Python or have a lot of experience with object-level scripting, I hope to learn what I need to get by. Lastly, I'm a so-so musician but expert audio engineer, so I'm particularly excited about creating music for ages, and would love to help others with this aspect.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of the GoW, but I'm even more excited about all the new ages (from others) that I'm going to get to play!
The Noble Robot
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