Edward Tyndale's Journey

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Edward Tyndale's Journey

Postby cskid13 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:38 am

This is a project that I am working on to develop my programming and Blender skills.

Ages (this list will be updated):

Phase 1-Relle'ahn*
Phase 1-Be'reder*
Phase 1-Noset, Edward Tyndale's hood, used for private meetings.
-Ed's Relto
Phase 1-Noloben (Tower Island)
Phase 1-Gahreesen (Maintainer lounge)
Just need to add the link to Relle'ahn-Teledahn (Slave caves)
-Kadish Tolesa (Treehouse)
-Eder Gira (The inside of a barred-off cave)
-Many places in Ae'gura
-Rudenna (Bahro Cave)
-Noloben (Bahro Cave)

*One of the main journey ages--the rest are Bahro Stone links or other rewards.
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