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Chain letter age

Postby Jojon » Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:03 pm

Right "Chain letter age"... What does that mean? -It means an age that is written by several people, who take turn at adding/changing some little (or large) thing -- only one person works on the age at a time and no restrictions are placed on that person, although your contributions may be judged once submitted.

I'd like to encourage everybody to take part - no contribution is too small and modelling skills are hardly required to, eg, look at a puzzle concept and say: "that's not going to work", or sample oneself saying "gulp".

The current version ( v0.25 2012-01-08 ) of the age can be downloaded, for visiting, here:
http://chainletterage.oakleafprojects.c ... _v0.25.rar
Hosting kindly donated by I Brattin.

Remember to delete your save file for the age. (...and run SoundDecompress..)

If you want to have a go, please reply to this thread. I will edit this post to list all participants. The one currently holding the ball, will be marked on the list with an asterisk.

Current list of contributors:

... Jojon
... Dendwaler
... Corvus
... Ametist
* Rize
... Justintime9
... Core43

Currently inactive contributors:

... Junee
... Perlenstern
... Robert the rebuilder

The latest project files are v0.25 and they can be found at:
http://chainletterage.oakleafprojects.c ... _v0.25.rar
(Again, thanks to I.Brattin for the hosting)

The readme from the Rell-Too_v0.25.rar archive:
Code: Select all
 Rell-too    revision 0.25   2012-01-08

 Hello, and welcome the the chain letter age, which is written
by a succession of volunteers.

 Each contributor takes a week or so, to so SOMETHING with the age.
What this "something" is doesn't matter and it's the dictatorship of
the last person to have a turn that goes; it can be a change to the
story of the age, or just a suggestion or idea, a new object, or an
old one improved, some scripting, a sound sample, a puzzle draft;
truly whatever. You could even take out something added by an earlier
contributor, which is why you, should you choose to participate,
should keep a backup of your work, so that, if someone does this
with one of your additions, you can put it back in, when it's your
turn again, if you really want it there. (The polite way to remove
something would be to give it page number 999 and explain in one's
history entry why it doesn't work - this gives the originator a
chance to adapt his work, or remove it himself.)

 This is how we do this:

 -  Everybody who want to have a go, announce their interest in the
   "Chain letter age" thread at the Guild of writers forum.

 -  They will receive the project files, in turn, as listed. New
    contributors will be added to the end of the list.

 -  When we get to the end of the list, we start again, from the top.

 We keep going until everybody are terminally bored with the whole thing.

 When it's your turn, I (Jojon) will PM you a link to the project files.
When you are done and have outlined your changes in the history text file
(as brief as you can get, without leaving out any important details), you
return them to me (there are upload solutions that should suit anybody).
I will then export and release your new version of the age and store your
revision along with all the preceeding ones, in case something goes badly
wrong and, at some point, we have to revert.
Then I will pass the project on to the next contributor.

I reserve the full right to cut out things deemed, for any reason, unsuitable.
You are free to challenge any such decision in the forum thread.
You can stand a turn, if you like, but then please don't delay in saying so.

 Contributors so far are:

 - Jojon:  The spider in the web. I collect what you have done and pass the
          baton to the next relay runner.

 - Corvus:  The first visitor to this age and an agewriter with little

 - Perlenstern:  The second visitor in this age. Blendering since 3 month
                and hope to learn with you and from you. I'm more a builder
                than a scripter.

 - Robert the rebuilder:  Visitor # 3.  I'm a jack of all trades, but a
                         master of none - although I do fake it pretty well.

 - Justintime9:  The fourth visitor. I've been learning blender since the
                GoW Guild pub was released in MOUL. I've been slowly learning
                all of the aspects of age creation and specialize in Modeling
                and Lightmapping.

 - Ametist:  The fifth visitor. I'm an agebuilder with preference for the
             organic life in the ages.

 - Junee:

 - Rize:   An aspiring Writer who can at least somewhat program in Python
          without messing up (badly). Things have a tendency to combust,
          break, or otherwise fail in a spectacular fashion when I'm around
          (Blender, PlasmaShop, and my 512 MB RAM computer (when running
          WinXP) among them)

 - Core43:

 - dendwaler:

Rell-too Synopsis (alter as much as you want):

 For now, the age has been given the tounge-in-cheek name "Rell-Too",
since it blatantly rips off ye-olde ridicolously-tall-pinnacle concept.
For extra silliness, it adds a slight twist.
Fog limits the view.
Maybe a better name lurks in somebody's head.

 Currently there is no story to the age. It consists of three (within
range of sight) hollow pillars, whose top bits literally looks like screws
Tower no.2 has lost its "hat", which has taken a bite out of
the side of the pinnacle as it crashed down.

  The age has a spectacular day/night cycle of a mere
  six minutes. We seem to be at the equator, telling by
  the large red sun passing directly overhead. No other
  celestial objects have been seen - the sky never seem to
  become dark enough, maybe because of the
  light-scattering/emitting properties of the mineral that
  appear to be part of it (see also Geology/crystals).

 "Base rock"
  The towers seem to be consist of a single tough
  material composition, which is grey in inert state,
  revealed during excavations, but gets a spotty tan
  and black pattern where exposed to air and humidity
  over time.
  Pending research.

 Crystals (catalogued by Perlenstern)
  There are clear bluish, lumiescent crystals growing
  here and there, some floating in empty air!
  The growth suggests the mineral is somehow abundant
  in the very atmosphere and prone to crystallise,
  hopefully it is still safe to breathe.
  One of the many strange phenomena seen, is a bridge-like
  object made from thin sheets of the mineral, that forms
  now and then and collapses shortly after becoming thick
  enough to carry the weight of a human or two, probably
  seeded by the free-floating crystals. What gives cause
  to the fixed matrix it seems to follows, is unknown.
  Initial research has been conducted by Corvus, who has
  yet to present any results.
  Perhaps the odd "clouds" that connects tower one and two
  are also related. These soar, although they are dense enough
  that you sink less than an inch into them, stepping on them.

 Seemingly plain grass (catalogued by Justintime)
  Looks like the usual green stuff. It grows around the
  edges of the pond Justin dug. Speculation is that this
  grass is not indigenous, but may have been brough to the
  age under the soles of our shoes - maybe we need to take
  better care roaming the ages...
  Pending research.

 GlowPlants (catalogued by Core43)
  Slick green ocotopus-like things that hangs from sunlit
  cliff overhangs and "holds" a glowing egg-shaped purple
  sac of some kind. Possibly not a plant at all, but a
  creature in pupal stage?
  Something to do with the crystals?
  Pending research.

 Rockeaters (catalogued by Ametist)
  Dog-sized snail-like creatures with both a tubular
  internal shell and a heavy protective one on their
  backs. They have a single eye at the end of a
  funnel-shaped stalk.
  The rockeaters appear to consume and metabolise the
  very rock they live on. So far we have not seen any
  burrows, so guesses are they eat only surface rock,
  possibly extracting something permeating it.
  With the recent influx of flying predators the
  number of visible specimens has dropped dramatically.
  Supposedly those that have not been eaten have gone
  into hiding. One rockeater have constructed a nest
  of gravel and can be seen there, protecting leathery
  Initial reasearch has been conducted by Ametist and
  Corvus, but little has yet been published, pretty
  much only what is outlined above.
  See also: "Hunters"

 Hunters (catalogued by Ametist)
  Horse-sized flying predators with the body shape of
  a peanut. These seem to feed on rockeaters, judging
  by their massive beaks and the decline in rockeater
  population since their appearance but have so far
  shown no interest in visiting explorers, still, try
  to avoid going to Rell-Too without letting anybody
  know where you've gone.
  The predator and its prey may share a common ancestor;
  they both have nearly identical eyestalks, albeit
  the hunters have several, whereas a rockeater have
  just the one. In addition the hunter appears to have
  no legs, but a foot-pad, like that of a snail - hard
  to tell, at a distance.                              *confirmed/ametist
  Initial resaerch by Ametist suggests that there may
  be a rather vicious feeding cycle, with Hunters
  depleting the local rockeater supply and then either
  going into a hibernative state or migrating until
  the population has recovered.
  See also: "Rockeaters"

CauldronPlants  Observed sitting on an eggshell of the hatched RockEaters
                and onto a wing of a dead Hunter. The species have a thick,
                soft stem which carries a cauldron-like formation. Inside that
                is a sphere that blinks repeadetely. Probably a sort of fungus
                which feeds of dead organic material.

      Flyers    Smaller animals with a spherical body. Onto the body is a
                circular 'wing' which make the animal able to fly. A little
                trunk is sticking out from the spherical body and it looks
                like the Flyer sticks that into the flowers to feed of nectar
                or petals. A faint buzzing sound can be heard nearby them.

  A few manmade structures have been around since
  before our arrival.
  Nothing else is known at this time.


  We have been visiting the age and undertaken some
  research and engineering projects.
  Notable is the nexus book near the link-in spot,
  the hut where explorers can stay overnight and the

 Natives/earlier visitors:
  There were pieces of technology present before we
  arrived, some of which has been restored to partial
  or full functionality by able explorers.
  Writing of some sort has been found - the nine
  glyphs, grouped by threes, are assumed to make up
  some sort of numeral system

 Other concurrent visitors:
  An unknown individual calling himself James has hid
  a journal in the sleeping hut. He apparently explores
  the age together with a coworker named Alison, on
  behalf of an unknown entity. None of us have so
  far bumped into any of the two.
   - James has perished and Alison has discovered his
                journal, into which she has added an epiteth. She
                walled him into the side of the crevice at the
                southern base of spiral 1, but his remains have
                recently become exposed.

   - An unknown entity has gained access to the
  Age and has stolen several specimens in the lab, leaving
  behind a Linking Book to the Ferry Terminal. No suspects
  have been named, though as Books to Rell-too are only held
  by explorers selected by Jojon, as well as the employers of
  "Allison", the suspect list is short; an investigation is

(Legend: + new, - removed, * altered)

v0.25 2012/01/06  editor: ametist
- removed metalbridge from top of Tower2 to Tower3
- removed the hanging rope
* fixed the cave with the Huntereggs inside top of Tower3
+ added a pathway made of clouds instead
+ added creatures Flyers at the pond
+ added a Journal,placed at the base-plateau of Tower3
+ added animation to the Cyklop

v0.24 2011-12-03  editor: Corvus
+ Added a Christmas Tree with a "Perlenstern" (= star made of pearls) on
  top of it(Handcrafting this kind of decorations was a hobby of Perlenstern).
  It will be shown only in December.
+ Added a spiralway that leads from the balcony to the top of Tower 2.

v0.23 2011-11-07  editor: dendwaler
+ Added a reproduction of the harvester from Venalem (a planned Cyan age
  that alas never made it into URU)
+ Added a body of water for the harvester to float in.
+ Added a number of set pieces to go with the harvester, including lateral
  marker bouys and a panoramic horizon.

v0.22 2011-10-16  editor: Jojon
+ Added a faint lightbeam, that shoots into the sky from one of Perlenstern's
  crystals, in memoriam of its creator.

v0.21 2011-09-08  editor: Jojon
+ Commentary mode framework defined - one commentary node added.
* Messed around with transparences. Several "world" objects have been sorted
  directly into "early" spans, after many lost battles with passindex values.
    ! Please report any newly introduced transparency errors. :)
* Cablecar now stays a little bit longer at stations.
* A second UV-map added to base materials for tower 1 and 2, as an early test.
* Separated back- and foreground for blackboard, to make it easier to change.
+ Added a little realtime shadow on balcony, because it looks kind of
  nice at sunrise, even if it is simpler than the environment would suggest.
    ! please report any undue performance hit.
* Changed balcony balustrade from a box-, to a diamond cross-section, to give
  it a sleeker style. Actually resulted in a significant polycont reduction.
+ Added a defunct two-player-game/puzzlebox, on the balcony. Could not figure
  out any rules, that would result in workable game, for much the same reasons
  Tic-tac-toe does not work as a game. If you have an idea - please do share!
+ Temporary "functionality" for the puzzlebox. ;)

v0.20 2011-01-26  editor: Rize
*The lab has been vandalized and robbed, it now has music, though.
-The sunglasses, large rockeater shell, and eyestalk have been stolen
(they are actually sunk inside their containers, the eyestalk outside the
lab wall, for convinence).
*Many things have been knocked over and moved in the lab.
+A Book to the Ferry Terminal was left in the lab by the intruders.
*Updated our Book-related .py files to Dynamic Book Template v4.1.
*Fixed the Nexus book not being open when used.

Other minor changes by janitor:
*Tampered with the book template - read note at top for more info.
+Added some ear-grating noise in and below the codelock room

v0.19 2011-01-09  editor: ametist
* a 'dead' HUnter laying on the ground
- other Hunters gone
* used Perlenstern's old bridge to build
+ a new steelbridge between T1 and T3
* the top of T3 shows now a hole with a partly broken lid
+ Hunter-eggs in the newly discovered room inside the top of T3
+ a door is opened up to the tower-room and a rope is hanging out from it
* Perlenstern's floating crystals collected onto, and into, T3
+ three 'mushrooms', feeding of the remains of the Hunter and the RockEater-eggs.
* RockEater-eggs hatched, now they small RockEaters 'eat' from the rock, still guarded
by the big RockEater
- the sign at the RE-egghut removed(along with the hut itself, the rgn and alscript)
* one of the petals is floating in the pond, someone took a bite of it...
+ a periscope has shown up between T1 and T2, coming from beneath...

v0.18 2010-12-22  editor: Robert The Rebuilder
+Added niche in crevasse on tower 1 and debris
+Added animated skeleton
+Added entries in visitors' journal and James' journal
*Changed camera region near crack to use camera closer to skeleton
*Moved the panic region up from under the crevasse

v0.17 2010-05-29 editor: Corvus
+Added plants in and around the pond. Turned on the water and added a drain.
+Added geostate settings to the alcscript of the waveset
*Tried to fix the sink-in issues at the cable car.
+Added a railing to the path that leads to the air vent room.
+Added benches and a carpet to the hidden room.

Other minor changes by janitor:
+Placeholder starfield added, for future inclusion in the day/night cycle.
 PyPRP LayerSDLanim support is still needed to make it all come together.
 For the nonce the fog darkens during night, by means of python and some
 materials have had NoMist unticked to "inherit" the fog colour.
*The control mechanism for the air throttle in Tower one has been
 replaced with one that uses the windmill oneshot from the cleft and
 cleft wind audio is used as a placeholder in the same place.
*Rearranged Layers in Blender. Which types of object goes into which
 layer, can be gleaned from the picture: "RellToo_LayersGuide.jpg"
*Some region meshes have been simplified.

v0.16 2010-03-28 editor: Jojon
+Access to the lower cave in tower 2 is now through an
 extension of the upper one, via a door with a combination lock.
-Removed journal reference to the old, temporary access route.
*Replaced the closed Nexus linking book, with an open one, which
 Core43 provided.

v0.15 2010-01-13 editor: Core43
I added a stone table and a few strange-looking plants to the the ceiling
of a cave on tower 2.

v0.14 2009-12-12 editor: Justintime9
I added a pond to tower one by building a pipe to the bottom. (where
there's water).  I also added a grassy stencil in the water (to show that
plants can grow with the water).

v0.13 2009-12-02 editor: Rize
+Nexus Linking Book has been added by the Link-In Point
 (I can't model open books, so its closed for now. Feel free to make it open)
-The causeway can no longer bear weight and has collapsed.
 (only the small part attached to Tower 3 remains)
*The crystals float
 (Some kind of magnetic field? Is this what keeps the towers up?)
*New Linking Image has been made
 (tried to make a video, but it didn't work. Maybe later...)

v0.12 2009-11-08 editor: ametist
I have added some new animals, predators of the RockEaters.
Part of Tower3 is 'smoothed'.see 'Synopsis'
Tried to make a GUI but failed... I also tried to stencil Tower3 with some gravel,
but the light or something makes it invisible.
Ill try again next time.

V0.11  2009-10-24   editor: Robert The Rebuilder
I rigged the elevator to move only if the air vent below is open.  See
the other file, ElevatorLogicNotes.txt, for more details.
Note: Sorry about the pink, Perlenstern.  I'd like to attenuate it based on
time of day, but that will have to wait until we get material
animations in PyPRP.
EDIT: This release also has a new revision of the font: "Corvus-24.p2f"

V0.10  2009-09-28   editor: Perlenstern
I build a new nice way from tower 1 to tower 3. It is a very dangerous way on clouds.I removed the wood plank from the metal bridge, so that this bridge is a fake way again.Now you have to find the elevator, find the clouds and then you can walk to tower 3.
I want to change the pink to a more discreet color....but I don't find a way to do that.

V0.9  2009-08-13  editor: Corvus
 I built a lab in the cave made by Justin. I'm not pleased with my glass texture on the flasks, but I wasn't able to make it better. I had to turn the crystals shadeless to avoid the glass look all pink (but that's still the case when looking at them from the side), maybe I can improve this when Jojon found out how the light selection and parameters work.
For the same reason I'm a bit unhappy with the book niche. With the new lighting the hatch is very easy to spot whereas before it was more disguised. And the banana doesn't look very fresh any more...

v0.8  2009-07-26  editor: Jojon
 Made the interior of tower one unaffected by the global lighting.
Didn't get it right - will have to come back, once I've figured out
how the parameters and selection of lights work and also add
exterior-interior transition zones. Although it may no longer
have a place in Rell-too, I added a rough build of the balcony
far down tower two and cut a hole in the ground for interim
access to it. No way of getting back up, mind...

v0.7  2009-07-07  editor: Junee
 We're not alone! In the month or so that Rell-too has been empty
someone named James has left a journal of sorts talking about his
experiences here with Alison. Apparently being so close to the
sun can give you a nasty burn if you're not careful...

v0.6  2009-05-24  editor: Ametist
 Life discovered! I added four 'RockEaters' and placed them on the
third tower. To get them there I added a plank over the gap in the bridge
there. One can hear them slowly chew and digest the rock, thereby making
the sharp-edged rock smooth!
 They are animated with IPO. I also wrote an entry in the 'VisitorsBook'.

v0.5  2009-05-17  editor: Justintime9
 I added a small cave, it's entrance is at the bottom of Perlenstern's
ladder. The cave is lit by perlenstern's crystals, which glow to give
it it's light source. It's cameras are two regular cameras, and
a fixed camera.
(Jojon's note: Justin has also added a dummy avatar under the cave.
 Do use it, whenever you need to measure things up.)

v0.4  2009-05-10   editor: Robert the rebuilder
 I added time-of-day lighting and a sky dome with two cloud
layers. This uses the SDL file which is now included in the package.
The "fake background" and the fog need to change color with the day
cycle.  While it is possible to alter the fog (via Python script), we
currently do not have plLayerSDLAnimations that would change the
background material.  I also added a panic link region at the bottom
of the crevase near the entrance to the elevator cave.  I also added a
camera region above the cave entrance to signal to the visitor that's
where they need to go.  [Oh - I moved the spawn point out of the
elevator cave - too easy!]

v0.3  2009-05-03  editor: Perlenstern
 Added some small crystals. If you follow the crystals you find a new
ladder on Tower2 and a bridge to Tower3. At the moment this bridge is
broken, so that you can't reach the new hut with a big and a middle
crystal on Tower3.

v0.2  2009-04-22  editor: Corvus
 I added a cablecar which allows you to ride to the second rock pillar.
There's a small cave now with a bed to rest on, and you'll find a niche
with a book where you can write down your notes.

v0.1  2009-04-13  editor: Jojon
 Everything at this point is very basic and serves mostly as placeholders.
The basic screw model, made long ago from what used to be a perfectly smooth
spline object, has been butchered into probably far too few polygons and
given a single texture via a more-or-less one-piece UV-map -- this
doesn't work too well, but the screw part tiles rather well, so one might
want to think twice before ripping into it with too much gusto.
 The elevator has some basic scripting, which makes it rideable.
SDL variables and conditions will have to be added at some point.
Animation of cloth bits can not be done at this stage, because bone
animation has not been implemented in pyprp yet. There will be need for
new avatar animations, for the operation of the  lift and cablecar.
Some cameras and footstep regions have been roughly placed.
The exterior and interior of tower one has been separated into two objects,
so that you can easily select one and hide it.
(HIDE: "H" key - Alt+H to unhide all)
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby I.Brattin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:03 am

32 people and you have't got anyone interested. I was looking at it and it does look like it could be an interesting thing to do. I was debating throwing my hat in the wring, right now not sure what I would add to it though.
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Jojon » Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:14 pm

I.Brattin wrote:...not sure what I would add to it though.

...or remove.. or alter. :)
In time maybe something jumps at you. :7
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Corvus » Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:37 pm

I think this project could be fun if at least a few take part. I've only made one age so far, but I would like to give it a try.
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Chacal » Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:31 pm

It is a very good idea and it is too bad I'm unable to participate.

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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Jojon » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:02 pm


Now there's a hoopy frood! I hope you'll excuse if I don't wait for any few others to join...? :7


That's too bad. I don't know why it is you can't take part, but remember that ANYTHING goes here: every contribution is good, no matter how small or large. Even nothing more than a single friendly suggestion in one's history entry is useful and doesn't gobble up a whole lot of precious time.
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Corvus » Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:13 am

Jojon wrote:
a hoopy frood

Taking a deep breath and jumping into the deep end...waiting to get touched by a muse...
"To regard the imagination as metaphysics is to think of it as part of life, and to think of it as part of life is to realize the extent of artifice. We live in the mind."

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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Christian Walther » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:25 am

It sounds interesting, but I don't think I will have time to participate - my vacation is already half over and I haven't gotten very far yet on the list of things I wanted to do... :)

To motivate people to participate spontaneously, what about showing a screenshot of a random part of the age in its current state, after every turn? I might spot something on there and think, "hey, I can improve that".
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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Perlenstern » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:40 am

hmmmm.......That sounds very interesting. So I'll try to work with you on that age, But I have to say that I'm not very excellent in Blender and don't now much about scripting. So it is your part to put me on the list or not.

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Re: Chain letter age

Postby Jojon » Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:35 am

@Christian Walther:

Excellent suggestion! Then there's also less need to have the latest version all the times, revisiting to check out any changes. :7
(A first picture has been attached to this very post. Spoilerrgics may want to look away.. ;)


Ah, the words of one who has released two fairly complex ages already. :D
Even if I didn't have perfect faith in your abilites, EVERYBODY are welcome to bring ANY skills to the table -- this experiment calls for diversity. :)

(Maybe I should mention that it is just as easy to get *off* the list, as it is to get on it, in case that is a showstopper to someone...)
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