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Postby ametist » Sat May 23, 2009 7:42 am

'Greetings and thank you for exploring and testing the new educational ages. We thank those of you who contributed ideas for the new ages as well as translated our English journals into German (Laura and Diafero). Our ages are very much a work in progress, and we hope that you will give us more ideas to improve them either from an educational or technical point of view. We want to create puzzles that will challenge our students as only Uru can. We wish all you could be in our classrooms when we show the students these uru educational ages. They are so excited, and even usually unmotivated students participate in the lessons. For us, that is the greatest reward for our work!
The new ages include new puzzles and two new ages: Wind River and Cretaceous. The fossil data are based on the latest research available on the internet. The questions raised in creating these ages spurred me to do research, which I hope will be published later this year.
Even though we live in different countries, it is amazing how similar the geology is. Limestones in the United States, Sweden, and Germany record a time when we enjoyed tropical conditions. Similar fossils in Virginia and Sweden indicate that the rocks formed at about the same time about 450 million years ago under marine conditions. Rocks that I studied in Wyoming have similar fossils as described in Germany, and indicate an age of 80 million years ago.
Alfred Wegener, a hundred years ago, argued that continents that have the same fossils were connected in the past. Fossils from animals like the shallow marine reptile Mesosaurus and the fern Glossopteris found in South America, Africa, and Antarctica indicate that these continents were connected in the past. He argued that 250 million years ago, the continents were connected to form the supercontinent of Pangaea. Mountain ranges like the Appalachians in the Eastern part of the United States records the collision of Africa with North America. But what was the Earth like before Pangaea? In one of our earlier discussions, ametist asked me the simple question of how far apart Sweden and Virginia were 450 million years ago. Despite improvements in technology, math, and science since Wegener’s research, I had no simple answer to give her. But I thought it would make for an interesting problem in uru.
We invite you now to explore our new ages. Starting in Dragon’s tooth, examine the information in the journey books, and reconstruct our world as it existed millions of years ago…

Metabasalt and ametist

Age credits:
Dragon's Tooth: Metabasalt
Kinnekulle: ametist
Ordovician: Metabasalt, ametist, Bo Albinsson: music.
Cretaceous: Metabasalt and ametist
Precambrian: ametist and Metabasalt
Eocene: Metabasalt (Cave courtesy of Andy Legate)
Wind River: Metabasalt

Those of you that uses Drizzle may already have visited some of these our EducationalAges within offlineURU. For those who don't please use this link to get them. All seven ages are parts of a 'theme', and connected to each other with Journals or linking-books.


Enjoy!! :)
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Re: EducationalURUAges

Postby diafero » Sun May 24, 2009 9:53 am

I can really recommend the download, and you'll learn a whole lot about geology by the way :)
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Re: EducationalURUAges

Postby Jojon » Sun May 24, 2009 2:42 pm

*puts some time aside* :)
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Re: EducationalURUAges

Postby ametist » Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:36 am

The 'EducationalUruAges' have now a new name - GEOLOGICA and some updates have been made to Kinnekulle, Ordovician and Precambrian. Dragons Tooth latest continent-puzzle is also there.

They can be downloaded from here Geologica if you like to grab them all at the same time. They are connected to each other via Journals and linking'items' of different kinds

If you would like to visit and inspect one or some of them you can get them from UAM in Drizzle shortly. :)


ametist and Metabasalt
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