2 feature requests

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2 feature requests

Postby Jenneth » Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:33 am


Having translated a bit, I thought I'd suggest a couple of features to the translation system:

  1. The commenting would be nicer if it wasn't connected to each translated string, but to each translatable item. When a translation gets voted best or when someone deletes his/her translation and suggests a new one, the comments disappear. Right now when someone deletes their translation and I go back to that item, I get confused about what's going on, because I remember discussing something and now the discussion has disappeared.

  2. It would be nice to get a new view, that would list all the items for a specified language that have changed either since I last visited, or changes that I haven't seen yet. Either kind of list would be very useful -- I imagine the 'changed since last visited' would be easier to implement.
    And the list should include comments, because then I could react to what others have commented on the translation items.
Thanks for making the localization project, I'm enjoying it a lot!

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