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Zik Clock joins the URU Localization Project!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:47 pm
by Christian Walther
Do you have an iOS device and are using my graphical pod predictor Zik Clock on it? Would you like to be able to use it in your own language? Here’s your chance to contribute!

Since his return, OHB has been hard at work extending the ULP infrastructure to support localization of iOS apps, tirelessly submitting to all my nitpicking :), with the result that Zik Clock is now ready to take advantage of the flock of polyglot Uru fans at the ULP, as it was originally planned.

Go to and log in, then select Zik Clock among the three projects to see what there is to do. The English and German localizations are complete and are what Zik Clock currently ships with, French is in the works, and further languages are awaiting your contribution!

We are gearing up for a new release of Zik Clock right now, and the French translation that will be part of it is almost done. It could use some reviewing love from French-speaking users!

Any discussion about Zik Clock localization can happen in this thread.

The previous localization service at will stay active for the time being, however I expect most activity to move to the ULP eventually, at which point the project on Get Localization can be retired. Synchronization between the two is manual however, so they might not always agree.

Re: Zik Clock joins the URU Localization Project!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:13 pm
by Christian Walther
I’m impressed by the response Zik Clock has gotten in its first three days on the ULP! Big thanks to everyone who has already contributed!

After the slow start on Get Localization, I wasn’t expecting to have any further languages besides French done for the upcoming release – now Swedish will definitely be added too! I’m making no promises about further ones, as I’m on a pretty tight schedule (and languages that I can’t read myself I only want to add once they’re properly reviewed).

So I have added contributor names to the about box. This will look about like this:

Please let me know if anyone of you would like to appear under a different name there, or not at all.

And of course this needs translation too, so there are a few more strings to translate now!

Re: Zik Clock joins the URU Localization Project!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:40 pm
by Christian Walther
Zik Clock 1.3 is in final beta testing now, and I am preparing for its submission to the App Store. Since it is going to include the French and Swedish translations, it would be cool if its App Store page would be available in those languages too.

I would appreciate if some French and Swedish speakers could have a look at the newly added App Store Stuff folder in ULP and translate the English and German text I have provided there to their language. Description and What’s New will be displayed on the App Store page (see the current one), Keywords are comma-separated search keywords and must be limited to 100 characters.


Re: Zik Clock joins the URU Localization Project!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:35 pm
by Christian Walther
Zik Clock 1.3 is now available in the App Store!

It includes the ULP localizations Swedish by ametist and Arve and French by Grover, Someone, and Valioukha. Many thanks to all contributors!

New features in this version apart from that:
  • High-resolution graphics on retina display devices
  • Accessibility for visually impaired users using VoiceOver