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Norwegian translation

Postby Anmelderen » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:45 am

Just submitted translations for Shared Items and Zik Clock, so out of curiosity - who's working on the Norwegian translations?

I'm having some problems finding good terminology equivalents; translating "Linking Book" to "Lenkebok" doesn't really work :|
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Re: Norwegian translation

Postby OHB » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:18 am

The other Norwegian speakers are: ametist, EthanEver, Gigamaster, Jenneth and Zenon. Of those, EthanEver was the last active translator.

I'll be moving ULP to the new site GULP hopefully this evening. There will be a page where you can see language-specific information, and you'll be able to contact other translators directly through the site as well. It's all very exciting...
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