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Re: Alabaster's Depths

Postby hapiduhapidu » Sun Sep 04, 2022 7:32 am

Dear Dulcamara,

I very much enjoyed playing Alabaster's Depths part 1 and would love to play parts 2 and 3 as well. However, I cannot find them available anywhere for offline use. I can't find them on Drizzle, and I also can't find any of the download links that apparently were in this thread previously. Could you give me any pointers how to play parts 2 and 3 offline, if this i currently possible?

Best regards and thanks for great ages!
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Re: Alabaster's Depths

Postby Théodore » Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:39 pm

It seems Dulcamara didn't answer you back. Ok here are the 2 methods:

1) You solve Alabaster's Depths and you reach the final area, you will find a link to Alabaster's Depths 2, then repeat same process in Alabaster's Depths 2 to find a link to Alabaster's Depths 3. [Applicable online and offline]

2) you type in /link Alabastersdepths2 or /link Alabastersdepths3 anywhere during your gameplay. [applicable offline only]

The first method is the intended one as you should do the whole journey through Alabaster's Depths in one visit (theoretically at least). Due to the high probability of crashing here and there or having any issue, it is more realistic to divided the journey in 3 distinct parts.
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Re: Alabaster's Depths

Postby hapiduhapidu » Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:22 am

Dear Théodore,

thanks a lot for trying to help me out. My problem is a different one, actually. Despite finishing AlabasterDepths, I cannot play AlabasterDepths2 and 3 in my offline installation because I do not find a way to install these ages. I don't have the files, so it doesn't matter if I try to link to these ages via the KI or a book, they just aren't there :-)

I install ages via Drizzle, but it doesn't offer AlabasterDephts2 and 3 in its list of ages, only AlabasterDepths. Earlier in this thread, some download links were mentioned, but they seem to have been removed from the conversation. So any suggestion how I could install these ages for offline use would be greatly appreciated.

Playing these ages online is something I could theoretically try again, but Alabaster and Depths are crashing for me whenever I press a button or take some other actions, so I'm not overly optimistic here. Offline they just work well for me, that's why I switched from playing these online to offline.

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