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Myst V, Crowthistle, Hex Isle and MagiQuest online

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:14 am
by diafero
The ages of Myst V, Crowthistle, Hex Isle and MagiQuest are not automatically installed on the Shard - you have to buy these games in order to play them online. After doing so, you can use Drizzle exactly the same way as offline to convert the ages. Just choose your DI Client as "POTS folder". However, please note that the ages need to be converted with a specific version of Drizzle or the server might reject them:
Myst V: Drizzle 30
Crowthistle: Drizzle 29 or 30
HexIsle: Drizzle 30
MagiQuest: Drizzle 29 or 30

If you bought the GoG version of Myst V, have a look at this thread for a patcher that can prepare your Myst V in a way that it is compatible with the Shard.
Please note that the "Gold" edition of Myst V has been reported not to work on Deep Island! The "White" version seems to work fine. See this discussion for more details.