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Known Issues

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:05 am
by diafero
In this thread I will collect known issues of the Deep Island Shard. If you experience a bug, please check this list first. If your bug is not to be found, create a new thread and describe it in detail (screenshots are often helpful). I won't be able to fix bugs that I can not reproduce myself!

Re: Known Issues

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:08 am
by diafero
Major problems:
- Gahreesen is unplayable in multiplayer mode
- The Minkata boots can only be properly collected by female avatars

Medium problems:
- The avatar is sometimes invisible after linking, switching to 1st and back to 3rd person usually (but not always) fixes that
- Footsteps sounds sometimes don't work, especially in the city and fan-ages
- Random disconnects from time to time
- city: the GZ beam is not properly multiplayer-synchronized
- Myst: The fireplace behaves wrong in mutliplayer mode
- Er'cana: The pellets are produced correctly only if you stay in the age during production
- POTS Bahro Cave: Dropping the pellet (with a 15 minute delay) does not always work properly
- Teledahn: The sun is not always in sync for different players
- Ahnonay Spheres 2: The crystals don't work properly
- In the Guild Neighborhood, the cones fall through the floor, just like the ball in Minkata
- Descent: The elevators don't work, and you fall through their floor
- Laki: The pedestal in the arena can be walked through, and it can't be clicked. The same goes for the one in the water, within the cage
- Tahgira: The island with the final pedestal doesn't have a proper floor, you fall through it
- All Myst V ages: There are some dragables which don't work (i.e. can't be dragged at all in Uru)

Minor problems:
- City: The Todelmer linking book is a bit higher than the others ones
- City: The pod map can not be zoomed
- City & Hood: The MOUL linking books have no animation
- Ahnonay Sphere 1: quabs are disabled to stop them behaving weird
- Ahnonay Cathedral: If one player opens the door, a second player linking in sees it closed
- The map sound in the Guild Neighborhood is much too quiet
- In MOUL K'veer, if you get too close to the big main window, the scenery visible through it disappears
- Direbo: The "Hoverfly" doesn't move
- Descent: There are some bats which do not move, and an invisible plane at the bottom of the Shaft
- Tahgira: You can't cross the pipes which you have to warm up in the original game
- Direbo & Descent: The linking books have neither GUI nor animation
- Laki: There is an invisible collider in the center of the arena, as well as near the "elevator" to the maze of the fighters
- All Myst V ages: There are some clickables and dragables which do nothing (like the Yeesha journals or the power lever in Todelmer)
- Rowan Green: Footstep sounds are incorrect or missing in some places