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Postby MYSTfan21 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:10 am

What if you have the retail The Path of the Shell? How do I get it to install on a Windows 10. I used to follow the steps for Windows 7, but that doesn't even work anymore. Another question: Can I use Steam URU Complete Chronicles? I don't own any games.

Annabelle wrote:Hello OnlyOnePlaying,

if you worry with Windows 10, worry not!

For Deep Island Shard install URU:CC and then apply the patch

Here's how I've just proceeded today (I realized I didn't reinstall the shard since a whole year...): My screenshots are taken from a French Canadian version of Windows 10 but it shouldn't be that hard to follow...

Step 1: Install a fresh copy of URU:CC, if you have space, keep a backup copy on your system. URU:CC ( version) weights 2.45 Gb. Make sure to put it far away from C:\Program Files\
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Step 2: Simply rename your folder so you can easily identify it
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Step 3: Download and unzip the file di-patcher, copy all four files in the unzip folder
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Step 4: Paste them in your game folder (see Step 2) and overwrite old files if asked
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Step 5: (tricky one), click one time on uru.exe, go in the upper tab, make your way through different selections to reach a window looking like the one giving you choices of compatible OS. Choose WIndows 7 and on the next windows (not shown here), make sure to test it then click close to set it to "Windows 7 compatibility mode", make sure to select also "Run as Administrator"
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Step 6: Enter your credentials and wait for the download and install process to finish it. On High Speed Fibre Internet bandwith, it takes less than 5 minutes.
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Create your avatar & fiddle with Graphic/Sound Settings, you can create up to 5 avatars. There are other additional steps (adding Myst End of Ages, Crowthistle, etc.) but this is more advanced stuff.
Make a shortcut of uru.exe, put it where it suits you the most, and start the game from that shortcut.
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