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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:43 am
by Dulcamara
Hello Ehren and all otheres :)
yes, the updates of Elodea Mainland and Alabaster are now online and Diafero has also made them available for download via Drizzle (UAM) for your Offline installation.

In all worlds there are 7 cloths, so also in Elodea Oberwelt. If you do not know where they are feel free to ask.

I splitted Alabaster in two pieces. In Alabaster and Alabaster 2. There are two Books in the shelf.
You can also find them in the Elodea book (middle) or in Nexus.
Alabaster is one Age and so there are only one time 7 cloths !
Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to check everything on function.
Elodea seems ok to me at the moment.
In Alabaster i found a problem with a door on a short visit.
I have to look at the rest and try to fix the bugs.
As you know, i can do such things only in my free time.
Since I also have a full time job, this time is rather limited.
That's why I ask for some leniency, if not everything works right the first time.
I hope you still have fun exploring my worlds and the crashes remain in the frame. :?



PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:31 am
by Jhon J. Jaguar
I understand you , Dulcamara. I know the problems coming in the creation of age. this is the reason i have use 2 years for Tentsahveet and only 13 month for Lonirvan. There are many things who change in the progress of the job, and something in a moment work, in another moment crash and you most restore it in some mode. Take your time for the job: the work is more important, and all us know the things of life how going. Thanks for your Job Dulcamara. I will see your ages in the new version at first occasion. Thanks again. And good job :D


PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:05 am
by Dulcamara
Hello Jhon J. Jaguar :) :) :)
Thank you for your kind words.
Yes, it takes a lot of ambition to work on the same problems again and again. To finally finish it, so that everyone is satisfied.
We are now only a hand full of Agebuilder and the feedback is less and less. I miss Annabelle, Janaba, Ainia and of course Wamduskasapa.
They all have had everytime kind words.
The feedbacks for the new ages Laki'anay", "Argosy", "Giloto" and "Cholanay" by Jaruku and Rocketdog or your beautiful age Tentsahveet are very rar.
So it is a miracle that we are still going on.
But maybe that's the life. For a controversial topic, you can maybe get excited faster, than for a nice thing .... :? :?



PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:02 pm
by Jhon J. Jaguar
yes, they are also missing from me. :D


PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:27 pm
by Ehren
Okay, I had to use the guide, but I got to cloth 7 of Elodea now. It was tricky because:
Show Spoiler

Oh, by the way, the water tower in Elodea lets you climb the ladder even when it's out of reach.

Also, Alabaster is starting to go fairly well for me now, I like the system of transfer between Alabaster and Alabaster2.

One last thing, despite my name being a German word for "honor", I can't understand most German, but the journals converted to English have grammar/spelling mistakes. So my question is would you like a proof-reader for the English stuff? I could directly edit the English parts of the books' Journal .py files, then send them to you to review as they look in-game. I try very hard not to assume anything and change any meaning, just to make it more natural for English reading, but I want to know if you are interested in this?


PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2018 12:00 am
by Dulcamara
Hello Ehren,
you write
So my question is would you like a proof-reader for the English stuff? I could directly edit the English parts of the books' Journal .py files

The translations were made by a friend from Germany. I can translate it only with Google translator, so it would be nice if an expert looks on it.



PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:54 am
by Dulcamara
Shorah explorer, :) :) :)

after Alabaster was divided even in 2 parts, it was still problematic for some players.
I decided to split the Age into three parts.
The parts are linked, so that you have to visit all 3 parts to get all 7 clothes and then open the door (here a big bal).

In each of the parts there are 2 puzzles. To solve them you need again the hints from the other parts.
So that it does not become too uninteresting to start Alabaster over and over again after all the updates, I have opened a few new areas. The elevator now drives up and down thanks to Frutis Script. And we have a recall button.

I hope that also for players who are not so interested in puzzle, there are in all parts are new interesting details to explore. That we can dive under water should be known. :D

These explorer, who already know Alabaster, know that the actual start and the first Puzzle is on Elodea's upper world. Also in Elodea I have made a few changes, but this concerns the scripting, rather than the agebuilding. Fruti, who was also responsible for the script of the link cloth in my Ages, has written a new door Alcscript for me. I can now use for my further work. He also rewrote the puzzle script, which I got from Boblishman from Age Sonavio. Because there were always problems in multiplayer mode.

Even so, there are also some innovations in Elodea: a fissure, a butterfly that greets you. The church has received a bell and the boat has a motor.

Diafero has programmed the books of the three parts of Alabaster in the bookshelf. Furthermore you can leaf through my Ages in the Elodeabook in the middle of the shelf (with exception of the third part of Alabaster). It was not easy for Diafero to programm this, becouse he have had a long break from this complicated things.
In addition, the Ages can now be reached via Nexus.
Thank you Diafero for your gret work although you were very much in stress. :) :) :)

When I speak with Alabaster of 3 Parts, these are not the promised extensions.
Their later starting points can be recognized by the signs or cloths with the inscription: "Not available yet, work in progress."

There is one hand AlabastersDepths and on the other AlabastersSanctuary.
At the age of AlabastersDepths I work at this time.
I can not say anything about the completion yet. Maybe in late 2019. But who knows... :geek: :geek:

As is probably likely with most age builder, there are large creative periods and then longer breaks. Sometimes even the thought of giving up. :oops:
It's an up and down......

Dulcamara :)


PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:51 am
by Chacal
Thanks, and it's nice to know there are still teams working on Ages behind the scenes!


PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:36 am
by Dulcamara
Yes, I am grateful for any help. Even if you can not speak of a team in this context.

I saw the beautiful puzzle in Sonavio and I asked Boblishman if he would let me look into his Blendfile. He said no problem, take everything you need. So I studied the blendfile, rebuilt the script and animations. I rewrote Python and SDL. Then i tryed and tryed until the puzzle worked for my purpose. Now I have it three times. Once with floor plates, once with foot lever and once with touch buttons.
I think Bob did not create the script himself, maybe it was D 'Lanor. Unfortunately I do not know. But if so, thanks to him for his work.

It is not self-evident that someone leaves his Blendfile to another.
I also asked other people ...
But luckily there are very helpful people. So Dendwaler was the inventor of the Clothes. He make this clothes for cathedral and have had no problem to give a small test blendfile for me. So i could work with the cloth and make it in my style for Elodea.
Later i changed the cloth in Uru hands.
Ametist provided me with her complete Blendfile Moysenland. There was a lot to learn there as well.

I left "my" journals and Link books in a small Blendfile to Jaruku for his own use. So that he could found out for himself how it works.
In return, he showed me how to animate a fish.

Fruti hates Blender (I can understand him) he builds with 3 d SMax. But he was nevertheless ready to look at the old scripts of the doors and the elevator and tinker with it. That was not easy, because he could test it only conditionally, because he can not handle Blender.
I can not say where the scripts originally came from. Maybe from tutorials ....

But a real cooperation I see here in the forum no more. Some build in 3dsMax, the others in Korman and a only few dinosaur in Blender.
To the latter I guess I count.

So it is no wonder that most young Agebuilder are no longer interested in my work or even turn up their noses.

Everything that I have worked out so far, I would like to continue to use.
Linkcloth, 7 Clothes, Puzzles, Doors .... dive underwater .......

To anyone who would ask me, I would willingly leave inventory or other things out of my ages, in the hope that this would give us several new ages to explore. That would be teamwork for me.

Of course, I understand that the goal for the future should be to create worlds in plasma engine. Korman is really great. But I still do not see the possibility for my Ages in this moment. There are still too many things missing.
If Korman is ready, the young agebuilder are still young. I am maybe 65 or older and a lot of explorers 80 or death. Why can not we build a few ages with what we (me) have in the meantime?

@ Chacal, I hope you do not take that as an attack on your person. I was glad that at least a reaction came to this topic.

Maybe I'm just in the wrong forum :?: :?: :?:


PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:30 am
by Deledrius
Dulcamara wrote:Yes, I am grateful for any help. Even if you can not speak of a team in this context.

From your description, it sounds like a real team effort, even if it's informal and loose. There are many ways of working together. The Open Source software movement alone has many different models of teamwork, many of which involve things working together despite people never having direct interaction. We all contribute in our own ways, and someone like you brings it all together and produces something special. :)

Dulcamara wrote:But a real cooperation I see here in the forum no more. Some build in 3dsMax, the others in Korman and a only few dinosaur in Blender.

Korman and PyPRP are both Blender add-ons, so I'm not sure what you mean about that. However, this artist split is unfortunate but unavoidable. Some people can afford 3DS Max, and some cannot, and even then that has no bearing on whether you'll prefer one over the other. An artist and their choice of tools is quite often a personal thing, and not remotely rational. People use what they use. Still, there can be some interchange, at least with models and textures. Someone will have to maintain the final composite Age source either as a .blend or a .max, but people can share all of the components they make with each other across boundaries using formats like .dae and .fbx. It's not perfect, but it is flexible.

Dulcamara wrote:Maybe I'm just in the wrong forum :?: :?: :?:

You're in the right place, as long as you're making Ages. That's what we're all here for, either to make, assist others, or play them when they're done. :D