Fan Age expedition: Tikibear’s Ages [spoilers]

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Re: Fan Age expedition: Tikibear’s Ages [spoilers]

Postby Sirius » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:07 pm

Personally I always use the Decimate modifier. On your mesh, a factor of 0.4 brings the vertex count below the limit while keeping a fair amount of details.

In my Canyon Age, I also split the mesh like you suggested, but instead put folds between each piece. Seen from the top, this is what it looks like:
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This works well because it's a cliff already so it gives the illusion of cracks in the rock face. Not sure it would look as good on a flat terrain.

The original mesh looks like this:
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Which, after a subsurf+displace+decimate modifier, gives the following result:
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The subsurf+displace+decimate combo works well to quickly create the illusion of a detailed terrain, and I've used it a LOT. With that said, using Blender's sculpt tool with dynamic topology, while harder, leads to even better results :)
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Re: Fan Age expedition: Tikibear’s Ages [spoilers]

Postby SereneTiki » Tue Mar 30, 2021 8:24 pm

It's sort of a marshmallow effect!

I have used both techniques together when starting with an enormous imported mesh. The Demon Skull of Oolbahnneeah is ridiculous, for example. It made appearances in The Flying Cauldron at The Sprite Gallery last Halloween.
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