Veelay Tsahvahn and Messengers Pub

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Veelay Tsahvahn and Messengers Pub

Postby ametist » Tue May 12, 2020 12:18 am

I just visited those new ages and I am amazed! Veelay Tsahvahn is a wonderful place and are IMHO exceptionally well done regarding texturing, lighting, music and design! I walked along the pathway and felt peace of mind. This is place to return to, thats for sure.

Messengers Pub is also fantastic! All those perfect details, the notice boards, the bar, the lamps, the kitchen! Yes everything really, and same here, great textures and lighting! Very enjoyable and a lot to see.

One little bug though that I encountered in the Pub - upstairs I could not go through the big doors with the blu 'lock'. I could click on it and the door opened up but when trying to go through my avatar turned and started walk away from the door. When I had turned the avatar back, the door closed, presumably because it came outside the triggering region?

But other than that everything worked perfectly, the camera regions, walking and looking.
So thank you Doobes! /me bows
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