Tiam - a new age

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Tiam - a new age

Postby ametist » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:36 am

My new age Tiam got a really good stress test the first day :lol: . Korovev took his explorer company(including myself) there. Thanks everyone for trying it out! It was great fun to show it off and people was nice and said they liked it :)

I had found a bug earlier that day, as soon diafero - thank you! - put it on, I tested and found out I had missed to put the journal texts into the files I sent to diafero. Sorry for that!
Another bug was found, probably with colliders, I didn't spot it myself so I have to investigate, will try to fix that too asap!

Also I have to admit I could not get the python files to work so there is no sdl nor code puzzles. Sorry for that. There are things to do in a certain order, to get things to happen though.
I started to build this age with no prior knowledge of Korman, I read the wiki and got a lot of help here so I got the node trees to work. So all animations and clickables work as expected. Much easier to work with than the old alscript(which I never understood properly).
But my intention is to fix that and also expand the age further!

In the meantime, I hope Tiam is enjoyable as is!
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Re: Tiam - a new age

Postby Dulcamara » Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:39 am

Really a lovely small age, with different caves that amazed me with there nice details.
I love especially the water cave with the light animations.
The music seemed to be familiar. :)
Later we know the music was from another age that was made also from Ametist.
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