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Fan Age Expeditions: info and guidelines

Postby Korovev » Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:39 pm


The Fan Ages Touring Club is proud to host the weekly Fan Age Expeditions, every Sunday at 11:00 KIT in Deep Island!

These expeditions are meant to celebrate and explore the many Ages made by Writers through the years, make the Myst/Uru community more aware of the fan Ages already available, and provide feedback to the Writers if they are still active.

What follow are general guidelines and understandings for all participants, open to debate. The ‘Guide’ is referred to as such, in case someone else wished to host expeditions in other dates or in the future.

Visit order
Generally speaking, we will visit the Ages in chronological order of release. While for the most recent Ages it is fairly easy to determine the exact dates, for older Ages it can be difficult to pinpoint them, as Writers often released them in other, no longer available forums, or released previews.

An exception is if new Ages are released: in that case, we will do ‘special’ expeditions. But even if there are no new releases, some Ages are quite small; those will be shuffled to group them together, usually by author but occasionally by a theme.

Some Ages are built like a labyrinth (others like a ladder). The Guide has a path in mind, or is pretending to have one, to see as much of an Age as possible; we will of course stop a bit in each new location to look around or read journals. But if you wander off in other directions, chances are that you will lose sight of the group (the /find command can help; see below).

Some of the Ages we will visit have puzzles. The payoff is often the centrepiece of the Age, so we will try to solve those puzzles, the ‘proper’ way, by deriving the solutions from the clues. However, if a specific puzzle is keeping the group busy for too long, we might speed up the visit by revealing the solution. Besides, the Guide uses a regular avatar, and cannot stop people from revealing or inputting the right code.
In short, if you join an expedition, you are assumed to be okay with any spoiler, including straight solutions.

Now, designing puzzles can be difficult; few if any fan Writers came up with group puzzles. As you all know from Myst, pushing a button or a lever in one place can activate mechanisms somewhere else. The Guide will therefore assume the role of ‘button pusher’, in charge of doing all the actions, to avoid having e.g. gates that keep opening and closing. There will be exceptions when dividing tasks can be more engaging, but please let the ‘button pusher’ do all the actions.

Expeditions will generally last 90 minutes. After that, it will be ‘playtime’.
The first expeditions lasted 3 hours, but most visitors could not stay for that long, so eventually we settled on half that length.

Special commands
Deep Island allows the use of special KI commands. One that will often be used before an expedition is “/!resetage”, which will reset all the puzzles; note that it requires that only the one issuing it is present in the Age to work.

Other useful commands are “/hood”, which will link you to the DI hood where we gather before an expedition; “/nexus”, which will link you to the Nexus; “/find <avatar>”, which will link/warp you to an avatar’s location (more info here); “/a”, which sends you back to the link-in point, a timesaver if you’re about to panic-link; “/clearcam” if for some reason the camera stops following your avatar.
The “/jump x” command will occasionally be used, if there are interesting features not normally accessible, but again if puzzles are present, we will try to solve them the ‘proper’ way.

Visitors are invited to use other commands with moderation or not at all until playtime, since one of our aims is to experience the Ages as the Writers intended them.
Specifically, commands that alter the look of the Ages, such as the colour and density of the fog, should be avoided during the expeditions, as again, the point is to experience the Ages the way they were designed.

The expeditions are streamed, without voice comment, on my Twitch channel. Recordings are available for one week after the live event. Complete recordings of the 3rd cycle Twitch streams can be found in this playlist.

Summary videos with highlights of the expeditions are hosted on Minasunda’s YouTube channel.
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Re: Fan Age Expeditions: info and guidelines

Postby Korovev » Mon Jun 22, 2020 3:40 pm

Past Expeditions
  1. Cathedral
  2. The early Ages (First Age of Dustin, Eder Rilteh Inaltahv, Galamay, Niveerah, Atlantis Outpost, Vaiskor area 1 & 2, Second Age of Dustin, Kato’s Lab, Setal Gahmarin)
  3. Ahra Pahts
  4. Andy Legate’s Ages (Camp Bravo, Zephyr Cove, Eder Bahvahnin, Eder Tomahn, Andy’s Nexus, Serene)
  5. Somahoglahn
  6. Janga
  7. Takla Ma’kan
  8. Jo’nae
  9. Jo’nae Hood
  10. Nadnerb’s Ages (Tunnel Demo, Box Age, Odema), TINA Testing Area, Prad, Aerie
  11. Whilyam’s Ages (Toroolbah, Bimevi, Fens, and Maw)
  12. RAD & DAWN Ages (Abysos; Ahra Pahts shells shell 104, 129, 224, 232, 309, 427; Tre’bivdil, Ulteemah, Gairdin Grianmahr, Tahm Hehvo, Eder Licinius, Chloe’s Hood Office, Tehr’dovah)
  13. Tikibear’s Ages (Paper Pagodas, Sprite Gallery, Duck Knee Skydiving Club)
  14. Doobes’ Ages (Guild of Messengers’ New Pub, Chiso Preniv, Veelay Tsahvahn)
  15. Geologica pt 1 (Dragon’s Tooth, Ordovician, Precambrian, Wind River, Dragon’s Tooth Classic)
  16. Geologica pt 2 (Kinnekulle, Snake River, Eocene), Tiam
  17. Geologica pt 3 (Cretaceous, Cretaceous Park), Tyndior, Botan
  18. Enobmort
  19. Sonavio & Paah’kweh
  20. J’Kla’s Ages (Noidrocca, Cidoirep, Nilodnam)
  21. Pre Swaltu
  22. Tovaht Bay
  23. Jamey’s Ages (Tsoidahl Sheegahtee, Writers’ Niche, Crater Concept, Vogokh Oglahn)
  24. Vaiskor & Hayal
  25. Wianeroy, Soundgarden; The Maze
  26. Chamassa, Aquh, T'vel, ERC Age, Llantern
  27. Rahsoo B’ahrotan & Ashream
  28. Botan & Moysenland
  29. Oolbahnneea pt 1
  30. Oolbahnneea pt 2, Torilacha
  31. Rell-Too
  32. Ahrkane & Pakin
  33. Tweek’s Ages (Cass, Fahets, Fehnir’s House), City of Dimensions
  34. Pelishard Ages (Blackfisk, Gahlpo Vogehts, Peliania), the Wall
  35. Ahreeuhtav, Spiro, Sprite Gallery
  36. The Devokan Trust (Ahra Pahts Shell 415, Neolbah, Skysong, The Lost Stonehenge)
  37. Justintime’s Ages (Zefora, Shinelight Manor, Tsoidahl Prad)
  38. Hui, Ria
  39. D’ni Location Contest (Vothol Gallery, Age Maps Gallery, Sholek’s Temple), D’ni Temple (Area One)
  40. The Sev Ages, Chamassa Restoration
  41. Giant board games (Bowling, Chess, Backgammon, Checker’s), Kaelis’ Pub Office, the Walking Maze
  42. Eder Taygahn, Yedahna, Turtle Isle
  43. DRA Office
  44. Adrael
  45. Lohdehvis
  46. Relativity
  47. R’Oshanhnin Korvahkhn
  48. Corvus & Ametist Ages (The Hallway, Matte, ReGahlpo)
  49. Somewhere pt 1
  50. Somewhere pt 2
  51. Iceworld pt 1
  52. Tsameti
  53. Iceworld pt 2
  54. Elodeas Oberwelt
  55. Elodeas Unterwelt
  56. Elodeas Tunnelgang
  57. Elodeas Schatzkammern
  58. Gavster, Denkasen, Canyon
  59. Shorah Pahts
  60. Elsewhere pt 1
  61. Elsewhere pt 2
  62. Elsewhere pt 3
  63. Elsewhere pt 4
  64. Elsewhere pt 5
  65. Lonirvan; Eh’ko
  66. The Cathedral
  67. Ahreesen Melin; Kahntinoy, Fena Barel, Set Age
  68. Alabaster pt 1
  69. Alabaster pt 2
  70. Alabaster pt 3
  71. Alabaster pt 4
  72. Alabaster pt 5
  73. Laki’anay, Argosy
  74. Laki’anay, Giloto, Cholanay
  75. Tentsahveet pt 1
  76. Tentsahveet pt 2
  77. Terahgrahm & Zahlto
  78. Edereden
  79. Kohdalan
  80. Tyldalan (postponed)
  81. The Path of the Lost Ages pt 1 (Palamary Bay)
  82. The Path of the Lost Ages pt 2 (Peridia & Myst Refuge)
  83. The Path of the Lost Ages pt 3 (The Ruins of Azmar)
  84. Alabaster’s Depths (postponed)
  85. Tyldalan pt 1
  86. Tyldalan pt 2

Then we started again from the beginning.
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