Adding New Fan Ages

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Adding New Fan Ages

Postby J'Kla » Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:10 am

Who is looking after Deep Island?

Back in the day when I first wrote my Ages I had them added to Drizzle by sending the files to Dustin to be included on the original Drizzle.

As a result they were included in the incarnation of Deep Island.

Now that I am working with Korman I normaly export as MOULa format and do all of my testing with a LAN based Dirtsand Shard.

I would like to use these Korman results to appear on Deep Island as far as I can figure out I need to Package the Age from within Korman

just to make sure I have built a smaller test age Acinomrah that I would like to experiment with on Deep Island before I start uploading the bigger stuff.

Is there some sort of a walkthrough for adding new material to Deep Island. Like where do I send it etc.

Is there some way to make it personal till it is ready for general relese (that would typicaly be a week just to make sure I had not totally screwed up) :)
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Re: Adding New Fan Ages

Postby Christian Walther » Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:32 pm

Deep Island is run by diafero and he is best reached by e-mail. The address is in the signature on the profile page.

I would recommend testing the ages on an offline PotS install with Offline KI first though before having him install them on the shard.
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Re: Adding New Fan Ages

Postby Doobes » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:57 pm

J'Kla wrote:just to make sure I have built a smaller test age Acinomrah that I would like to experiment with on Deep Island before I start uploading the bigger stuff.

Yeah, to echo what CW said, you're definitely going to want to do the more extensive Age testing offline with PotS/CC and the Offline KI before submitting things to diafero for inclusion in Deep Island. DI is not really a test shard, but a place that features more complete works (with occasional updates).
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Re: Adding New Fan Ages

Postby J'Kla » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:40 pm

First point, Deep Island inherited my ages from Drizzle not becuse I asked it to happen but because someone dcided it would be nice.

Lets make this clear I have no problem with my content being available on Deep Island.

My problem such that it is, is that the versions on Deep Island are well out of date.

Second point if I want to test the shared functionality of a shared space I need the content placed somewhere where it can be shared as far as I can tell that is Gehn for MOULa content and Deep Island for (and this is for the want of a better description) Alcugs content.

Thankyou CW for letting me know it is diafero that is dealing with this.

Doobes I am thouroughly disapointed :) that you would assume that I would release an age without carrying out the required preliminary testing.

Now let us assume that I have done my testing of the age on my LAN shard as a MOULa type output.

Not least becuse I can do this with rapid itteration using my Dirtsand shard. I can now export it to a PotS/CC incarnation and test it there fine I would like to see the steps required to take it to the next stage.

I am asking the steps required to export it in a form such that it can be inserted onto Deep Island or Gehn so that it can be soak tested with multiple players.

I have been told that Gehn is not suitable for larger player access groups and that is fair, my Home LAN/Dirtsand shard has never seen more than three players.

But lets assume I want to explore puzzles like the Garden ages with something akin to a door run, also I have areas with multiple books will the game support multiple readers in the same area reading the same or even different books close by.

I am exploring the posibility that book pedestals have seats and the action of opening a book places the avatar in a state such that it can be seen that he/she is reading (note this is a thought experiment)

Now I want to progress to that next multiplayer stage.

Note: I am also looking for instructions a method for giving my LAN Dirtsand the ability to host my new ages.

However at present I am reliant on making a local copy of the age on the client and using the -LocalData option when I start the client. To that end Instructions on building an age server would be nice.

The first stage must be to have ages that hosted on Deep Island and before I break Enobmort, Nilodnam Noidrocca and Cidoirep I want a small test age to confirm the method also the next step would be that this small age will contain links to these theree major ages plus Cidoirep as well as the two bigger ages I am currently working on.

There is als the fact that with the ages on Deep Island there is the added functionality, that with the oppertunity to have multiple visitors I will have multiple eyes on the content to find constructional errors.

There is also the fact that I will be able to correct some of the errors in Noidrocca that currently preventing full access.

I will also be able to update Cidoirep so that it has the latest elements.

I will be e-mailing diafero to update Drizzle/DeepIsland that assumed we should still have either a thread on this forum or a section of the Wiki where we can get definitive instruction on how to progress an age to that multi player testing phase.

Personally I would prefer to concentrate on MOULa export/testing on Dirtsand/Gehn because this must be the obvious route to fan content on MOULa but with Gehn currently not suitable for soak testing DeepIsland is obviously the next best choice.

There is also the situation with Korovev running field trips to DeepIsland, I would really like him demonstrating my latest work rather than something I posted to Drizzle circa 2011.
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Re: Adding New Fan Ages

Postby J'Kla » Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:14 pm

diafero got back to me and refered me to the following entry in the Wiki ... ge_via_UAM

This covers the manual way of doing things and I was thinking of understanding the automated export from within Korman the "package age" tool.

While I have no issue with following the UAM (Uru Age Manager) instructions I was just curious if the Korman team went to the bother of creating an export packaging tool is there any associated documentation.

I was previously repremanded (Not in a bad way) because I was trying to use the drop down menu to export my ages as I had for some time been using, Admitedly the Export Age method is simpler once you have the way of it, it was just a change from the method I had been using from earlier incarnations of Korman.

I am sure we will get there eventualy.

I wald also say I am greatful for all of the work in putting together all of the Korman toolbox much of which I am still trying to understand. ;)
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Re: Adding New Fan Ages

Postby diafero » Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:08 am

I'm afraid I cannot help with those Korman-specific questions... they might be a better fit for the Korman part of the forum? Not sure.

As far as Deep Island is concerned, I do not care how the age was created -- Korman, PyPRP, 3ds Max, whatever. I just need the final prp (and associated) files; J'Kla already linked to the required folder structure (which mostly is just how Uru expects things to be laid out).

Note that Deep Island can refer to two different "age databases": There is the Deep Island Shard with all the ages available on it; and there is the Deep Island UAM, which contains exactly the same ages but in a way that Drizzle can easily install them offline. Since the Shard is easier to update for me, what usually happens when people send me an age is that I put it on the Shard, and then ask the author to check if the age looks all right. If it does, I then also package it for UAM.
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