Fan Age Exp: Lonirvan [spoilers]

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Fan Age Exp: Lonirvan [spoilers]

Postby Korovev » Wed May 19, 2021 10:08 am

Lonirvan Show Spoiler

On the 65th expedition of the Fan Ages Touring Club we visited Lonirvan by Jhon J. Jaguar. See Minasunda’s video!

Released in June 2015, Lonirvan is the second chapter in a series called The Secret of the Rainbow, about a group of defectors from the Black Ships’ flagship, the Erimanthus, and its cruel captain Krakon. The series started with Shorah Pahts and continues with Tentsahveet, Somahoglahn, and the upcoming Edereden.

Visitors are linked to the surface of the age, beaten by a perennial sandstorm that limits the view; a path of lights shows the way to a cabin, but one needs to be careful, as the brakhaal beast is roaming the landscape!
A shortcut to the cabin is turning to the left about 20° at the link-in point (just left of the first lamp post) and running straight for about 25 seconds.

Once underground, the real, difficult puzzles begin. It is really recommended to read the journal (in 5 languages) to understand the background and the ‘philosophy’ behind the series. Once you reach the last area and have nowhere to go, you will have all the elements you need to solve the keypad puzzle at the entrance.

There are two ‘savepoints’, unidirectional teleports from the entrance area, that will be enabled when you step on the exit platform. Lonirvan was conceived as an answer to Kadish Tolesa, so it also includes buttons that reset puzzles you just solved. So ponder well before clicking ;)

As far as I know, no complete walkthough is available, besides the attempt in the hidden section below. You can find some clues and solutions (without the method) in the release thread. One caveat is that buttons become unclickable until a full sequence is entered, especially with the piano puzzle. The chess puzzle will also reset even with the right path if more than one person is walking on it.

An excellent age if you are looking for varied and very tough puzzles; you will need to know how to read music, solve a sudoku, decode cyphers, and be good at jumping puzzles. Probably not the best choice if you just want to chill out :D

>>Walkthough (WIP): Show Spoiler

A recording of the Twitch stream is available.


Next time (May 23 at 11:00 KIT) we will go back to Cathedral by DenDwaler; it was the location of the very first expedition, but back then it was only the four of us.
Until then!

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