Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

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Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Itep Edor » Tue Aug 10, 2021 2:15 pm

Shorah dear fellow explorers

Proudly we present our new ages to you, Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan.
It took longer than we thought and needed a lot of patience, but it's finally here.
There is a lot to discover and we wish you a lot of fun with it.
And remember, the way is the goal.

The idea:
An age in which we can all realize our dreams.
That is: animations, sound, music, seasons and reltopages and more... (Surprise)

The team:
Corvus, age builder, she made all the beautiful things, and Relto pages for the bananas and the bed.
Wodan, age builder, he built most of the age.
Falke, serveradmin, he maintained the Teamspeak-server and the game server.
Fruti, he is the python man, he wrote all the code.
Me, Itep, age builder, Windchimes, Sounds and Music.

Dulcamara also helped to decorate the cave.

Sometimes it takes a little moment before an animation starts, so please be patient.

Publishing this age means a lot to me therefore my deepest thanks to the team! :)

You can find the book to Koh-Dalan in the bottom row of your bookshelf.

It will also soon be in UAM.

Warning: Don't go swimming in the winter, it's too cold... ;)
Please be aware when you reset the age, it affects all the players. In every version and also in Tyldalan :!:

D'ni number converter


Now that my initial nervousness has calmed down a bit, I'd like to add a few comments.

We started our project about ten years ago. Yes, really ten years! How quickly time flies. :lol:

Many things, such as computer hardware, have changed during this time.
Today, we would certainly do certain things differently.

During this time I learned something very important: never give up, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. It is important to keep faith in yourself and your ideas!
And something else very important, the team has held together, all the time!
Therefore, once again and forever many thanks to this wonderful team!

If someone should have problems and does not get on, then you can write me gladly a PN and I will answer it as soon as possible.
Have fun exploring our worlds!

Currently known bugs, which we hope to fix as soon as possible:
- invisible wall in the middle of the lake - is solved, will be published with the next "patch" ;)
- the beam in the engine room is very loud - is solved, will be published with the next "patch"
- there is a problem at the end of Koh-Dalan Ahcha, so you can't get to Tyldalan yet. - This problem is more serious than we thought. That said, at the moment it is impossible to get to Tyldalan.
:idea: Therefore, I would like to ask you, when you reach the end of Koh-Dalan Ahcha, please do not touch the linking books that you find there. :!:
Fruti our Python man has found a solution and the problem is solved. I will let you know here as soon as it is online.

Here is some more information about our ages.
They are:

- Koh-Dalan Ahno, the start age (winter)
From the Relto you will always be linked to this age. The doors are always closed.

- Koh-Dalan Ahcha, the second age.
Accessible through the linking book in Koh-Dalan Ahno after you have solved Koh-Dalan Ahno.

- Tyldalan, the third age.
Accessible after you have solved Koh-Dalan Ahcha.

We have tried to make the puzzles not too easy but not too difficult either.
That is, once you have solved them, it is not difficult to solve them again in a short time. All it takes is a little patience and observation.
And one more important thing.
We have tried to make the ages multiplayer capable, but I would give the advice, only one player should press the pictures in the Zodiac Hall so when you have solved the puzzle, you see the right code. Also you must be in third person view so that you can see the animation and the code.
And it is also "safer" not click the buttons too fast. Means: Click - take a breath - click - take a breath and so on, ;)

Each of the three ages has its secrets to explore.

The background to these ages:
After the D'ni had to leave their burning city in flight, they came to Koh-Dalan Ahno. The images of the burning city can still be seen in the linking room.
They also wanted to protect themselves, so they installed protections so that one could not easily get to Koh-Dalan Ahcha.
Tyldalan was a last place of retreat.

Thanks for reading and visiting our ages.


Itep Edor

P.S. Minasunda has made a very nice Walkthrough - Thanks a lot! :)

Kohdalan - Walkthrough
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby ametist » Wed Aug 11, 2021 10:19 am

This is wonderful news! Thank you all, I am glad to see such familiar names in the list! :) I will sure explore what you have opened up for us! /rubhandstogether
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Dulcamara » Wed Aug 11, 2021 10:13 pm

Shorah Itep my friend

I am so proud of you all that you finally made it.
Above all, it is thanks to Fruti and you that after so many years the project has come to an end.
Thank you for mentioning me, although I didn't really much contribute because working with 3 Ds Max is not really part of my life. The inventory I have had built for the middle and the left Cave still looks a bit rough. Blender is my favorite.

Wodan and Corvus have real talent in 3D modeling and it's a shame that they don't build anymore. Wodan has already proven his great talent with Ashream and Oolbahnneea.
With Hayal, Corvus also showed what potential she has.

I still know Falke from the beginning of my Blender days, he helped me to install the program when I had no knowledge of world building, but really wanted to build an Age myself.
Thanks again to Fruti for always willing to help me whenever I had a problem with Alcscripts, even if he actually hated it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

And now to you dear Itep, I would be very happy if we could explore the worlds together. I managed the first puzzle on my own, but already with the mechanics puzzle I start pondering and need someone with expertise. :)

Greetings to you all
Dulcamara :)
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby zftm » Thu Aug 12, 2021 2:58 pm

Can anyone help me. I got the most recent update for this age and Chamassa and now I can log into the game and get into Relto but cannot link to any other age. ANY book /age that I try to link through or to I get a stack error, including to the nexus. I have never had a problem before with updates and have played on the Deep Island Shard for years.
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Itep Edor » Fri Aug 13, 2021 10:08 am

Hi zftm

I am sorry to hear about your problem, but I don't think it has something to do with Koh-Dalan. There is no connection between the two ages. I can travel to both ages and there is no problem.
Hopefully your problem can be solved.

Greetings Itep
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby zftm » Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:42 pm

Thank you. I ended up deleting and re-installing the Deep Island shard and YAY! It works! so thank you for getting back to me. All is well.
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Itep Edor » Fri Aug 13, 2021 2:59 pm

That's very good to hear, zftm, that you did solve the problem. Thanks for telling me.
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Itep Edor » Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:57 am

I added some more Infos to my first posting. :)

Itep Edor
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Théodore » Thu Aug 19, 2021 7:07 am


I was exploring the first age the other night with SereneTiki and we found a nice relto page! We went back to our own Relto and saw a special delivery through the mail... :lol: Unfortunately, the said delivery disappears once we go out and back again of our Relto. I've checked the relto page and it shows as still being active but the delivery itself is gone. We get quite hungry down there in the Cavern and I found it neat to have something to eat. Is there anyway you can look at the issue and see if it is not a code related problem?

Thanks for your ages, although we are still in the first one. I found 2 symbols (1 in sauna, 1 in the pueblo village). There is a lot of levers and buttons but for now it seems we are missing symbols to activate the gate to the next age.

Like the old saying goes: "A banana a day keeps the Bahros at bay" ;)
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Re: Koh-Dalan and Tyldalan

Postby Itep Edor » Thu Aug 19, 2021 9:16 am

Hi Théodore

Thanks for reporting! We have to talk to the Mailman because it seems, he comes only every second day to the relto... :shock: :lol:

I am happy you like our ages! :)

Show Spoiler

So I wish you good luck and a lot of fun.
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