Drizzle 32 ! (experimental)

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Re: Drizzle 32 ! (experimental)

Postby Maroonroon » Thu Dec 21, 2023 5:47 am

Sirius wrote:
Paradox wrote:Keep in mind though, the focus and development efforts are on the newer and open-source engine, not on the 20-year-old version.

Agreed. As much as I like the old engine for what it offers (single player, customization and a wider range of Ages), it would be best if we could eventually retire it in favor of the newer engine.

Maybe the "DestinyURU" shard could be an alternative, as it can be used with " /LocalData /LocalSDL"? (/LocalSDL is currently needed for now, but will not be needed later, I think.)
But it probably implies a lot of needed work...

Sirius wrote:
Maroonroon wrote:Ps: @Sirius: Dis-moi, par rapport à la documentation dont tu avais parlé concernant les Clothing Items (pour la création de nouveaux), as-tu des nouvelles ?

Houla, tu fais bien de me le rappeler, j'avais oublié après avoir réinstallé mon PC... J'ai toujours la documentation sur mon ancien disque, je vais déterrer ca.

Ok, merci. :)
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