Merging my Branch with the Trunk

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Re: Merging my Branch with the Trunk

Postby cw014 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:01 am

GPNMilano wrote:NOTICE:
But for buttons with GUIs you need to download the updated prp_GUIClasses in my contrib, merge some stuff from prp_RefParser and some stuff from prp_File and prp_LogicModifier.

Where It can be downloaded?

I found it, but u have some sort of error there.
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381        self.fAnimName=stream.WriteSafeString()
382        self.fMouseOverAnim = stream.WriteSafeString()

So WriteSafeString() must have at least 2 arguments. I tried to change it on a ReadSafeString() but it reads a rubbish :(
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