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Re: Regarding dirtsand

Postby Deledrius » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:54 pm

johnsojc wrote:(oh, why do I mess with code I don't understand? Because it's fun!)

Yeah, I have a similar problem. :cry:
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Re: Regarding dirtsand

Postby johnsojc » Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:35 am

While taking a break from updating Python scripts, I decided to look into the issue of the global devices and journals.

Although I lack the necessary expertise in writing SQL code, that never stopped me from manually tinkering with a database in the past :twisted: .

I've successfully tacked on nodes and noderefs to enable the global inbox that shows in the KI (Laxman's welcome message). However, when I managed to get the right db entries to enable Sharper's Journal, I found that the field to hold the journal data is way too small.

Using ( :oops: ) MOSS as an example, I went looking for the reason. In dirtsand, the field to hold the title (character varying(64)) seems fine. However, the field to hold the journal contents (character varying(1024)) is just too small. In moss, both these fields are defined as <text> which appears to have more room. I don't have a character count but I think the journal is more than 30kB long.

EDIT: I knew better but I thought I'd try anyway... I changed the field for text_1 to text which allowed me to enter Sharper's journal but caused the client to die a quick and silent death when I tried to open the journal. Poking around in the client source showed it is looking for character varying(1024) in that field and it ain't agonna take nothing else. It appears that a textnote is limited to 1KB if I understand everything correctly. Changing the database structure and client code to fix this and maintain compatibility with MOULa may not be realistic.

Got the Memorial Imager working... I put all 19 names on it with 5 space intervals... only used about 350 chars so there's plenty of room (for now) but this field has the same length restriction as the Journals,
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Re: Regarding dirtsand

Postby johnsojc » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:20 am

Manually entering Global Nodes using pgAdmin3...

Procedure Show Spoiler

I really did try to do this programmatically but I couldn't get it to work...
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