Uru CC: Repaired Missing Coordinates & City Roofs

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Uru CC: Repaired Missing Coordinates & City Roofs

Postby Ehren » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:34 am

Is there a process for submitting potential UAM/Drizzle fixes and additions?

Well, here's what I have to offer:
(21.19 KiB) Downloaded 168 times

Anyone can test this, just add the items in the zip dat folder to Uru's dat folder.

It's just three ".prp" files and three replacement ".age" files (an additional line in each age file to load in each added prp). Here's the point of these additions...

KveerMOUL_District_kverGPSGreatZero & spyroom_District_spyGPSGreatZero:

These add-ons should make KI coordinates work in the spyroom and KveerMOUL. They normally don't display in those areas for some reason, even though they clearly should given their locations.

Turns out it was pretty easy to fix these two places and it makes it feel more connected to the cavern.


This is a collection I gathered of the solid walkable roofs and their spawn points that were added during MOUL. Since it was done with places that already existed in CC all that had to be done was to add the collisions and spawns. So, this add-on will let you cycle through these spots with repeated use of a spawn command or even a jump command if you know where to use it.

There is risk of falling out of the city from these spots. They are where Bahro actors were supposed to appear during MOUL (and sometimes DRC members, I think). Regular players weren't even supposed to walk on them at all, but I think some of these places are pretty nice areas to hang out at, and if you have ever gotten the chance to walk around these spots in MOUL, you'll already know the limits of how far you can reach before falling through.
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Re: Uru CC: Repaired Missing Coordinates & City Roofs

Postby diafero » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:15 am

First of all, sorry for the late reply. I've not been doing much Uru stuff at all recently.

To answer your question: No, there's no process. However, I would suggest that (if possible) you pack your additions similarly to Race's Additions to the Myst V ages and the pods - that has the advantage that the *.age files remain unchanged, and the Offline KI doesn't have to be updated each time you change something.
Race's additions are loaded by the xxConfig file in the Offline KI. That file simply contains a dictionary (AutoPages) of additional pages to load for some ages. The great part is that it's not a problem if the page does not exist - so I can ship the references to your files in the Offline KI, and nothing breaks if people do not have your additions installed.
To make this work, you may have to patch your prp files as they will be loaded later, which makes a difference online. In particular, if they contain a PythonFileMod, then the Python file has to be prepared to not receive the OnServerInitComplete.

Now, editing the Offline KI at all for these additions is certainly not nice. A more beautiful system would probably work similar to the Relto pages, and load a bunch of drop-in-files in a special folder to populate the AutoPages dictionary. If you want to implement that and send me a pull request, I'd be happy to give you a rough idea of how the existing drop-in-files work, so that things can stay coherent. If not, I can also just add the filenames you need for now, and make a new release.
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