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Unable to connect to to Ahnonay with PLClient.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:29 pm
by Scarabee
Hello friends.

Earlier this week I compiled a new PlClient using Cyan Worlds Plasma's game engine at:

Everything went well. However, I do not know why, it is no longer possible for me to connect an avatar to Ahnonay Sphere 1. It's ok with the other spheres.
If I want to connect to the sphere 1 PLClient crash with the usual Error window: "Uru has experienced a serious error ...etc ...

With my old version of PLClient I did not have this problem.

I tried with several avatars on different accounts, but it's the same.

It looks like the problem occurs when the program wants to stop the water current. Here are the last lines of python.log file:
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_ahnySphereCtrl
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_FemaleSwimDockExit
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_FemaleValveWheelCCW
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_FemaleValveWheelCW
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_FemaleVogChairExit
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_FemaleVogChairRide
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaleSwimDockExit
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaleValveWheelCCW
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaleValveWheelCW
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaleVogChairExit
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaleVogChairRide
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabIdle01
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabIdle02
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabIdle03
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabRun01
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabRun02
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_QuabRun03
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_YeeshaSketchBahro
(08/07 21:21:37) __init__: Marker Game Manager version: v.1.3
(08/07 21:21:37) __init__: Registering Marker Game Manager with key: <Plasma.ptKey object at 0x0D138360>
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnServerInitComplete(): Link Chron already exists: d56f0f22-6ab1-4e33-a245-9afdbacbf12e
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnServerInitComplete(): Locked Chron already exists: 1
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnServerInitComplete(): Volatile Chron already exists: 1
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnServerInitComplete(): Spawn Chron already exists: Default,LinkInPointDefault
(08/07 21:21:37) DEBUG: ahnySaveCloth.__init__: v.1
(08/07 21:21:37) DEBUG: ahnySaveCloth.__init__: v.1
(08/07 21:21:37) DEBUG: xAgeSDLBoolShowHide.DisableObject: Attempting to disable drawing and collision on PoolSurfaceOuterTide...
(08/07 21:21:37) __init__ahnyPressurePlates v1
(08/07 21:21:37) __init__ahnyQuabs v2
(08/07 21:21:37) ahnyQuabs.OnServerInitComplete(): When I got here...
(08/07 21:21:37) ahnyQuabs.OnServerInitComplete(): ... there were already 20 quabs
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_Sphere01BuildingInterior
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_MaintRoom01
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): what=1 who=Ahnonay_ahnySphere01
(08/07 21:21:37) Ahnonay.OnPageLoad(): Sphere01 loaded with offset:0
(08/07 21:21:38) ahnySaveCloth.OnServerInitComplete(): I am age owner in 1
(08/07 21:21:38) ahnySaveCloth.OnServerInitComplete(): found sdl: ahnyGotSaveCloth4, which = 1
(08/07 21:21:38) ahnyMaintRoom.SphereDifference(): Setting sphere difference for Maint Room switch to 0
(08/07 21:21:38) ahnySaveCloth.OnServerInitComplete(): I am age owner in 1
(08/07 21:21:38) ahnySaveCloth.OnServerInitComplete(): found sdl: ahnyGotSaveCloth3, which = 1
(08/07 21:21:38) OnInit, will now disable current

Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Re: Unable to connect to to Ahnonay with PLClient.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:52 pm
by Deledrius
Make sure you've pulled in the latest code. We discovered a cloaked bug earlier this week which was uncovered by the animation fixes, and it caused a crash when linking to Ahnonay. If you built your client before the fix was committed, this might be why you're seeing the crash.

Re: Unable to connect to to Ahnonay with PLClient.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:19 am
by Scarabee
Mmmm... I don't know exactly if I used the latest code to compile Plclient because I used method : " Run the prepare_env.bat script included in the repository."

If we use this procedure, is that the program prepare_env.ps1 will download the latest from this address: or is there a more recent ?

I'm waiting for your answer before compile another updated PLClient.

Yhank you !

I edited the post because my question was a little ambiguous :)

Re: Unable to connect to to Ahnonay with PLClient.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:08 am
by Scarabee
Good news !

I've recompiled a PlClient with the latest repository and all works fine now :)
I follow the work you are doing to improve Uru Live.
It is a remarkable work!

As you know, I'm mostly specialized in Python language ideally suited to control robots in my Magic Worlds and FMT.

However, I have changed the shortcuts keys of the keybord in PLClient to make way for live dialogues by changing the code in :
Sources/Plasma/PubUtilLib/PlInputCore/plAvatarInputInterface.cpp :

Code: Select all
    fControlMap->BindKey( KEY_F10, B_CONTROL_TOGGLE_PHYSICAL );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plCtrlKeyCombo( KEY_UP ), B_CONTROL_MOVE_UP );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plCtrlKeyCombo( KEY_DOWN ), B_CONTROL_MOVE_DOWN );
    fControlMap->BindKey( KEY_F11, B_TOGGLE_DRIVE_MODE );
    fControlMap->BindKeyToConsoleCmd( KEY_F12, "NextStatusLog" );

and in Sources/Plasma/FeatureLib/PfConsole/PfConsole.cpp :

Code: Select all
    fControlMap->BindKey(plCtrlKeyCombo( KEY_TILDE ) , B_SET_CONSOLE_MODE );

and also in \Sources\Plasma\PubUtilLib\plInputCore\plDebugInputInterface.cpp:

Code: Select all
void    plDebugInputInterface::RestoreDefaultKeyMappings( void )
    if( fControlMap == nil )


//  fControlMap->BindKey( KEY_SHIFT,    B_CONTROL_MODIFIER_FAST );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_EQUAL ),     B_CAMERA_DRIVE_SPEED_UP );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_DASH ),      B_CAMERA_DRIVE_SPEED_DOWN );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_NUMPAD_ADD ), B_CAMERA_MOVE_FORWARD );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_NUMPAD_SUBTRACT ), B_CAMERA_MOVE_BACKWARD );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_LEFT ),      B_CAMERA_MOVE_LEFT );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_RIGHT ),     B_CAMERA_MOVE_RIGHT );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_UP ),        B_CAMERA_MOVE_UP );
    fControlMap->BindKey( plShiftKeyCombo( KEY_DOWN ),      B_CAMERA_MOVE_DOWN );
//  fControlMap->BindKey( KEY_C,                            B_TOGGLE_DRIVE_MODE );

Commit on Github : ec7b41c2d8e1cb8c51f7711404fcc72532733b91 in my repository Plasma forked from H-uru/Plasma .

Have a good day.