Korman and a dirtsand shard

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Korman and a dirtsand shard

Postby J'Kla » Thu May 24, 2018 2:33 am

Testing your Korman exports on your dirtsand shard.

Let us say you followed my notes and have built yourself a dirtsand shard for your own home use.

Now you want to test an age you made in Blender using the Korman tools.

My person advice is make some folder as temporary storage for your export and give that temporary location a shortcut on your desktop.

Now in Blender export your age as a Plasma Age and choose the type as Myst Online: Uru Live (70) and export this to your temporary storage.

Ok save the .blend and Exit Blender for now (You can leave it open if this is an ongoing development) we are only exiting to cut the memory overhead.

Open your temporary folder and copy the exported files these will be the .age and any .prp files to the dat folder in your client folder of your Dirtsand installation.

To make this easier I made a shortcut for that dat folder on my desktop and I drop them onto the shortcut with a right click drag and using copy.
If this is an update click to replace existing files.

Now launch your dirtsand and log in activate your Avatar (Note do not try to use an avatar with an apostrophe in its name why will become clear soon).

Hit your apostrophe key this will open the Plasma Console in the top left of your screen.

Type in “net.linktoage nameofyouragehere”

if you have things right you should link to your Korman age.

Note the Plasma console is not case sensitive and is still open you now need to close this before you can move around in your new age so hit apostrophe twice.
You should see the Plasma Console screen expand then close.

At this point you can move around if you need you can use [Shift][p] to enter flymode where u = up h = down and the other normal movement keys apply and walls floors become permeable. [Shift][p] toggles this fly mode off and gravity and solid walls re-assert themselves warning this may result in a fall to panic link or entrapment within a wall, however re applying flymode will normally get you out of any issue.

Note you do NOT need to make any changes to your dirtsand shard only to your local client.

If you want someone else to see your work zip the exported .age and .prp files and they can then unpack and use them in their own local dat folder to use them with either their installation of Destiny or their own dirtsand installation.

Note this is not a shared age (where you see each other) just an age shared where they can look at your work. ;)
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Re: Korman and a dirtsand shard

Postby Deledrius » Sun May 27, 2018 2:44 am

You can skip a few steps here. As long as you have the .age file and .sdl files on the server, you can subsequently just export from Korman directly into your dat folder each time and launch the game to test the Age. You can bookmark the dat folder in Blender's export window to make this easy to access.

How I work while testing an Age or new Korman feature is exactly that: export to my game's dat folder, and then double click a shortcut I made for that Age. For any Age I'm building I make a shortcut with the target:

Code: Select all
C:\Games\MOUL-OS\plClient.exe -LocalData -SkipLoginDialog -PlayerId=10104 -Age=Exstasis

Just replace the initial path with the path to your client's exe, the PlayerId argument with the KI number of your avatar, and the Age argument set to the name of your Age. This launches the game directly into the Age you're testing with whichever avatar you specify.

I also remove the Cyan logo video from the avi folder of my test client install so I don't even have to skip it before the Age loads. This makes for very fast iterative testing of my Ages!
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Re: Korman and a dirtsand shard

Postby J'Kla » Sun May 27, 2018 4:00 am

I my method is in place because in the past I have screwed the output from Korman with my method the old version stays in place till I have a working export.

Plus I have it sitting ready to post to other installations. I now not only have the Destiny installed but also a Ghen and 32 bit and 64 bit installations of dirtsand.

As for the Cyan animations I learned the trick of tweeking the file extension back when my only option was Drizzle.
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