Dirtsand Basic Level Experience

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Dirtsand Basic Level Experience

Postby J'Kla » Fri May 25, 2018 10:09 am

Figured I would put together some notes on my experience of using the basic level experience of using a LAN dirtsand install.

I have set up my dirtsand to have two login accounts despite Deledrius telling me I could have two simultaneous avatars on the one account.

Initially I had a flaky door on relto but it did work where the click had it jump to the open position and then closed however the second click worked normally

The first pass worked to use the Hood link to Ghareseen to collect a KI was ok but on my first version a second visit found the door shut and no clickable to open the door but that may have been an issue in my shard age installation because when I did a rebuild the problem appeared cured.

When I had two avatars logged in there was no AgePlayers, Buddies, and Neibours headings under my KI.

This changed when I visited the city I was going to pick up the links from the pedestals only to find there was rubble and barriers blocking access.

I was able to pass these barriers using flymode and when I added the pedestal links the KI subheadings appeared.

Now there is obviously some way to activate all of this because I believe Ghen is a dirtsand shard and all of those work there.

I find there is a dearth of linking books in the Watchers Pub and the City

I suspect this may be either a vault change or something I can switch on using the Plasma Console.

I did all of my pillars with no real issues the only problem arose when Yeesha offered me the link to the rainy cleft where it hung and then crashed unable to link to age.

When I re logged in my relto did get the book when I then chose the rainy cleft link I jumped to Yeesha giving the rainy cleft speech as if I had just followed the link. Then this age played out as normal.

I am able to use the plasma console to link to my fan ages I have loaded into the dat folder.
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