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Korman Export

Postby J'Kla » Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:07 pm

I am having a serious Doh! event.

For ages I used the original method for exporting from Korman Blender and I had an issue in that when I was exporting with Journals this kept failing and Hoikas told me I should have ben using the New Easy Method

So I went to the Wiki and there is a cute section that is titled Easy Method with absolutely no information on how to call this Easy Method and I am buggered if I can find where Hoikas told me how to do it.

The only thing I can remember is it is not

File > Export > Plasma Age

Anybody? Please this is a function of age My age not an export age. :)
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Re: Korman Export

Postby Sirius » Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:26 am

The wiki section seems clear enough to me (unless someone edited it since your post, or I'm misunderstanding...)
You only need to press the "Export Age" button near the top of the following panel (the World panel):
(If that button is not visible, you need to click one of the games first)
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Re: Korman Export

Postby J'Kla » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:14 am

Thanks Sirius

Look at the Wiki page where does it tell you about this panel being on the World Page?

I just beat you to it by trawling through all of my posts.

It might be handy to have a section about setting up the various Plasma Games and How to set up Texture pages I know I have this somewher because I did this in the past.

I realy need to be able to go to Blender 2.8

If only to me able to have named layers 20 is just not enough. :)

I am considering Building the age in 2.8 and then back porting to 2.79a to Kormanize it.

At the moment I have objects sorted by type at the moment Enobmort has 4,446 With 731,872 Faces.

I am going to look at investigating subworlds to see if I can break the age into sections.

I suppose its my own fault for jumping around my interests with my attention divided between

Blender Age Building
Understanding Lighting in Korman
Embeeding the Walker Books into Enobmort
Reviewing Nilodnam Age
Reviwing Noidrocca Age
Python (Just Starting again)
Building a LAN Shard
Building a Samba Fileserver
Bulding a Wordpress server
All 3 above on one Computer
Reading Chinese (Chineasy)
Understanding Cuneiform (Babalonian numbers Base 60 embedding these in Enobmort)
Understanding Chinese Numbers
Experimenting with a cursive form of D'ni Numbers embedding these in Enobmort
Meshroom (Photogametry)
Keentools (Face Unwrapping)
The Expanse (Books and TV)
Building a Laptop for my Nephew
Understanding a BBC Microbit so I can teach it to the same Nephew
Starship (Assembly in Boca Chica)
Human Spaceflight (Dragon Capsule)
3D Printing
Fusion 360
Local Football (Soccer)
Basketball (Newcastle Eagles)

Now admitedly the last two have been put on the back burner with Covid19

The Keentools is a 29 day fee trial and only works with Blender 2.8 but the unwrapped textures are viable with older versions.

All of this is has to be fitted around all of the stuff my partner wants doing around the house. What June used to call a Honeydo list.

Someday I may learn not to have as much packed into my life ;)
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