Reverting Yeesha Pages to older appearance

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Reverting Yeesha Pages to older appearance

Postby Sirius » Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:20 am

Hey guys.

We've noticed the Offline-KI accidentally changes the green drawing for some Yeesha Pages to their MOUL equivalent. Most notably, the Lush and Fireplace textures. This is problematic because they no longer match the 3D visual in the Ages they appear in in PotS:
spoiler locations (in case you haven't finished PotS yet) Show Spoiler

See Maroonroon's pictures to see the current state of things.

For consistency, upcoming versions of Drizzle/Offline-KI will revert those textures to their older PotS equivalent, for the following reasons:
- truer to the PotS experience
- no longer clashes with their appearance in the PotS Ages
- can easily change Negilahn (where the Lush page is duplicated) to use the older texture as part of the MOUL conversion process (which can't be said of the two other PotS Ages).

On a side note, I'll use the opportunity to also revert the shell bookmark in Relto to its blue texture, so it matches with the versions of Ahnonay/Er'cana we know. That, and other smaller fixes.

Just putting this out to let people know, and ensure it's not a widely unpopular change :lol:
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