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Postby Tsar Hoikas » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:49 pm

Shorah Explorers,

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Gehn Shard! Gehn represents the latest work done by the H'uru Team on Plasma and DirtSand, and we're very excited to share our work with you. We plan on releasing updates to the shard often, so plan to check things out once every week or two :D. For those of you who fancy yourselves as "testers" please post about any/all issues you find! We're changing things very quickly and greatly appreciate help in finding new issues or regressions.

How do I login, you ask? Well, it's quite simple! You just need to download our handy-dandy installer and let it take care of the grunt-work for you. To login, simply use your forum username and password. Do not use the email tied to your account. If you have your forum account set to auto-login, you'll need to log out and log back in for the shard to become aware of you.

Now that you're in, have fun and party on!
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