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Bug Reporting

Postby Deledrius » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:58 pm

Welcome to the Gehn Shard and thank you for taking the time to test our Uru server and client!

As the code for both is in constant development, we expect you will find bugs during your exploration of the Cavern and beyond. If you are comfortable writing technical reports, feel free to submit these bugs as issues for either the Plasma client and MOUL scripts, or DIRTSAND server on their respective project pages. However, if you do not want to create an account on github or are not technically-inclined, you are welcome to create bug threads in this forum; our fine team of diligent volunteer Bahro will see to it being filed properly.

If you'd like to submit a bug here, please do the following when possible:
  1. Check existing threads and the Known Issues list. It's possible someone has already reported your bug (and perhaps even a temporary workaround, if applicable). If so, go ahead and add to that thread with your report.
  2. If no existing thread addresses your bug, create a new thread in the Gehn forum titled Bug Report: short description where short description is a useful description of the problem you experienced.
  3. Fill out your post with as much information as you can provide about the problem you found, as well as what you were doing and whether you were able to repeat it, if applicable.
  4. If you experienced a crash instructing you to submit your logs, you should be able to find them using the Gehn User Profile link provided in your Start Menu alongside Gehn's launcher. Zip up the Log folder and provide it as an attachment on your post (or, if you prefer, include a link on a host of your choice such as Dropbox).

Thanks for taking the time in helping the Gehn Shard become as excellent as it can be!
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