Bug Report: Network Disconnect and couldn't reconnect

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Bug Report: Network Disconnect and couldn't reconnect

Postby Scott0309 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:27 pm

At the time of the game and possible server crash, I was in Eder Gira and fell into the lava.

I linked to my Relto as expected then tried to go back to Eder Gira through the linking book in the bookshelf.

Upon returning to Eder Gira, I was transported back to the same place I fell, in the lava pit. It was kind of cool in that I could wander around the lava pit and see what all was down there.

After about 3 minutes of wandering, I received the following error message at around 8 PM EST on 3/4/2017

UNTRANSLATED: Network error 6, Disconnected from Server
protocol: Game Server

Will link screenshot and logs to this post.
Uru - Gehn Shard.zip
Zipped Log files from this session
(113.22 KiB) Downloaded 104 times
Screenshot from Lava Pit
GehnServerCrash-NetworkError.png (793.95 KiB) Viewed 809 times
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