Announcing Cavern Event Services

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Announcing Cavern Event Services

Postby Irissa » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:21 am

CES – Cavern Event Services – is an exciting new initiative being launched in the Cavern. Its goal is to increase the range of activities available in the Cavern by enabling explorers and groups to conduct a wide range of events and activities with minimum effort. CES is being developed by explorers who want to foster a wider range of activities and events inside the Cavern. The initiative has already received a blessing from RAWA himself, and is moving forward as quickly as time permits.

Our hope is that our services will be of interest to the Guilds, Groups and the general explorer Base. We aim to offer a tool-key system to make it as easy as possible to organize and conduct in-Cavern events of all types and flavors.

Our goal is not to replace existing Guilds. Rather, our aim is to create a framework that allows players to easily leverage and tap into the vast range of skills and deep knowledge of all the members of the URU Community. We hope that by the creation of a wide range of events, explorers will be encouraged to spend more time in the Cavern. As a first step we are reaching out to the Guilds to explore possible of ways we can work together.

CES aims to provide the following event services:

* Advertising and Promotion – In Cavern and on the Web. To this end CES is already affiliated with the Guild of Messengers.
* Hosting - Public and Private Neighborhoods for meetings, discussions, events, and presentations.
* Staff Support - Staff who will assist in the actual deployment of events. Example: Crowd Control, Greeters, Guides.
* Event Creation: CES will develop, plan and deploy events of several different types.
* General Support: CES will offer many ‘Event Packages’ that will support other event creators. This support will be available through the Ki Mail system, chat, and on the Web.

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