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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby ddb174 » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:25 pm

I can see how people might think it's just talk, but those who know me, know that I don't lie. It wasn't too diplomatic of me to have said that in the UAM message, but it's entirely true.

I'm not back in the forums, but I will post this now, though I don't intend to respond to anything that will be posted here. I expect they may deny it and make up things, or remove it and ban me, but I place this here because I have been called a liar.

What really happened:
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby kaelisebonrai » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:22 pm

You are a madman, Dustin.

I was there during many of these events you mention - and you even mention me... These events were nothing like your descriptions of them. My fiance and I stopped talking to you because we finally realised how you were subtly putting us down over, and over. We realised what kind of guy you are, and that's a very unpleasant one indeed.

You are a liar, and a manipulative bastard.

You have put your "twist", your delusions, on many of these events, you see them how /you/ see them. But not how they actually occurred. If you truly believe these versions of the events, then, please, I implore you, seek professional help.

The whole time I knew you, you were telling me of the evils of the GoW, the evils of Hoikas, and many others. You were... to some degree, obsessed with some "evil" in the people I know quite well enough now to know that this is not the case, and was never the case. You deny the existence of this very guild. You deny the hard work artists, and coders have put into this guild. You /deny/ our community. Yet, you try to force everyone through you. You have continually placed yourself, more and more, in sole control of Age creation and Age distribution. I fear what that means, to be honest - one man, in control of all Ages, all releases, all sequence prefixes. That's not a free community. Not an /open/ community... Not in the slightest.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Tsar Hoikas » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:26 pm

A very basic synopsis of what I'm reading in this account: a lot of made up "facts" about how we're the ones who treated Almlys horribly and the GoW single-handedly annihilating its competition. Dustin cites a few examples groups, so allow me to give you some bits of the full truth. I don't want to waste my time responding to all of his pointless accusations (it's 11:22pm now, and I have Genetics first thing in the morning). If there are any questions, or you want me to poke holes in something Dustin has said, I'll check back sometime tomorrow when I'm more free/awake.

  • Age Builder
    This website had a very colored history. Many people probably remember the old admin of that forum, who had some serious mental instability. Essentially, he was pretending to be his own wife (who never existed), then faked her death. A lot of people sent donations, then the truth outed. It got really ugly. Eventually, new people took over, but the forum was pretty much dead. Cyan's announcement of the guild returning provided a nice opportunity. Paradox merge the AgeBuilder forum database with ours, so many of us are actually using our old AgeBuilder accounts on this forum (myself included!).
    COBBS was being plagued by regular server downtime at this point. It was also seen as a dark underbelly to most community members. So, it was quite natural for the more active COBBS H'uru members to work together to help out with the GoW.
  • The New Tree
    This is a group I was mostly uninvolved with. I think it was very close to shutting down or merging with Age Builder. I honestly don't know too much about this place. I think Paradox might remember more

A few more random tidbits:

  • "Running" the GoW was a position I absolutely did not want in the beginning. This place was never run by me until the original forum admin(s) disappeared and/or became frustrated with the administrating process. To even insinuate I was in control from the beginning is insanity. [I actually had strict parental regulations on computer time when the GoW was being formed]. Keep in mind that the GoW formed as a *result* of Cyan's announcement of the D'ni Guilds, not before it. Dustin claims the opposite to have occurred. You can read posts here and tell the truth.
  • Almlys has been a facebook friend of mine for several years. I have the greatest respect for the work that he does, as does diafero.
  • My real name is an alias. LOL!

It's funny that Dustin is doing what so many of the old guard of asshats seem to be doing. He's been blessed by Cyan, now he's having a go at me and anyone who associates with me. It must be a popular pastime or something.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Tsar Hoikas » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:38 pm

This quotes Dustin's rant... He might be able to rewrite history on his own website, but he can't change it here ;)

Dustin wrote:(This is long, but important, so please take the time to read through it.)

Some people have asked me just what I meant by malicious, regarding Tsar Hoikas(aka Adam Johnson) and Diafero(aka [Censored at the request of diafero]). So I'll try to summarize some of the things that I personally have witnessed over the years. (Appropriately enough, I've begun writing this on Remembrance Day.)

I'll start in 2005 when Almlys released Pyprp, which enabled people to create fan Ages for Uru. I saw that there was no tool for actually sharing the Ages and getting them into Uru, so I made such a tool and called it UAM (Uru Age Manager). I also made the first publicly available Age, simply so there would be something for users to download and play with. (And it was gloriously ugly :D) But in 2006, with about nine Ages available, Cyan started clamping down on folks. I would later learn that they had plans going regarding GameTap and MOUL (Myst Online: Uru Live). It took the fun out of things, and I eventually left.

Sometime during/after this was all going on, Almlys was being treated poorly on a variety of fronts. (You see, he had also created Alcugs, which enabled people to play Uru online, and had received backlash for making it possible to login without using Cyan's login servers.) But he also saw a group of people fork Pyprp away from him, and go elsewhere with it. (They gave reasons for this, but they were disingenuous; it seemed clear to me that it was simply a case of them wanting control, and not Almlys.) They took it to, a new one of *many* Age Writing websites, such as Cobbs, Alcugs, The New Tree, and Age Builders. Right from the get-go, had a bad feeling to it for me, due to its not-so-nice origins. It was and is run by Tsar Hoikas. But due to lack of interest at The New Tree, Cobbs' technical problems, and the Age Builders' admin leaving, it became more major. And during Cyan's comeback, they were given yet more luster, when due to their name and promotion, Cyan seemed to recognize them as some kind of community-made analogy to the D'ni Guild of Writers. (Cyan did this with a number of guilds, trying to find analogies in the 'community'.)

Cyan closed MOUL in early 2008, and I became active again, making a tool called Drizzle to enable people to play the new MOUL Ages offline, alongside the original Ages, and the fan Ages. Someone I had never heard of named Diafero contacted me and was interested in this for his private shard. (The shard was basically the offline game plus Cyan's stuff from Until Uru.) I helped some, and improved some things in Drizzle, etc. My initial impression of him wasn't great, and he seemed like what I regarded as stereotypical for people running shards: underhanded and none-too-virtuous. (Not all shard admins are like this I'm sure, but I had seen a lot of it in the previous years.) I even ranted a bit at the Cobbs forums about it (without using his name though), basically asking why it was that shard admins always seemed to be such bad apples!

But I kept helping him anyway, because hey, he seemed par for the course. I made Drizzle convert more stuff, including Crowthistle and Myst5, so those Ages could be in Uru too. And I contributed a bunch of features for the KI (e.g. custom covers on the Relto bookshelf, custom linking images, crash detection, the volcano link to Myst5's volcano, sparklies, some fan Age integration, making the Delin/Tsogahl puzzles work offline, image importing, and tons of little things, including my favorites: /getzandoni and /quit!), which he would package together with the UntilUru stuff, the UserKI/AdminKI stuff (from UntilUru shards), GPNMilano's stuff, Haskin's flymode, A'moaca's stuff, and other customizations. This is what the Offline-KI is. And this was all fine and dandy, and I enjoyed teaching him about a lot of the technical aspects of Uru that he wasn't familiar with yet, and just chatting about stuff, even if I wouldn't trust him with anything too important. I also brought back the UAM stuff as a part of Drizzle, and figured I could trust him enough to store the UAM files on his server, as I didn't have a spare one to use. I recall considering the possibility that even this was trusting him too much, but I thought if things ever went sour, the worst he would do is to say "move them elsewhere."

A number of issues came up as time went on, and I saw him and his co-admin Old Wolle acting tyrannical on several occasions. (e.g. banning someone for some minor misbehavior, then banning the banned person's friend, because Diafero and his co-admin imagined that friend would be "spying" on them, to report it back to the first banned person.) That sort of thing. There was a public shard (the *only* public shard) called Pelishard, and he was frequently very angry at them. This wasn't too strange, especially since the people running Pelishard had themselves been involved in some bad behavior that I won't go into here.

The day that I realized that Diafero was far worse than I had thought, was the day that he told me he had put code in the Offline-KI to bring down Pelishard. Yes, he had put Denial-of-Service trojan malware in the Offline-KI, and told me all about it, expecting I would be proud of him, because I disliked the behavior of the Pelishard admins too! He seemed confused as to why I would be willing to speak against them, but not willing to attack them. He told me that he made it appear as a bug, so that they wouldn't be able to prove that it was on purpose. Pelishard was unusable for many days, until Diafero was finally convinced to fix it and release a new version of the Offline-KI, pretending to the Pelishard admins that it was just a bugfix. (At other times, I had seen the Pelishard admins rant against Diafero and Old Wolle, and I saw it from the other side... and the Pelishard admins were usually right about Diafero and Old Wolle's motivations.) Now, I have come to expect not much goodness out of most people, but now I knew not to trust him in the *least*. My job in the following months felt like damage control, to convince Diafero to calm down when he would start scheming, trying to politely tell him that he was being villainous. His schemes were typically of an underhanded, and technical nature; sometimes making sure he could deny them later. (One example that comes to mind, but was pretty tame by his standards, was to require authentication, just to make things a little more difficult for Pelishard.) This all began at the start of August, 2009.

Some time after all this, I gradually stopped hanging out in teamspeak with him much, and so I was less in the loop with regards to his motivations behind things.

In June 2010, I set up a private shard for a Cyan-approved educational project. Some of the team were under NDAs, and it was all kept under wraps. ( It is no longer being kept a secret though, and several announcements were made, including here: ) I made all kinds of server improvements and customizations to facilitate the educational project, and the people who would be using it: i.e. players not experienced in Uru. (I also kept up work during this time on the regular things, such as enabling Drizzle to convert the Magiquest Ages for Uru.) Things were going quite swimmingly, and because Pelishard had closed down (perhaps due to all the attacks directed at them; I'm not sure the exact reason), I wanted the regular people to have a shard they could go to. I had previously asked Diafero many times to make a public shard, but he never got around to it. So I made the educational shard ready for public use, renamed it "The UAM Shard", and PMed two people to ask their opinion on it. One of them responded, and the other did not. I later found out that this person who didn't respond got together with the gang from (including Tsar Hoikas), and they planned to get a shard out quickly, I imagine to try to pre-empt me. If this seems like a weird motive, keep in mind what they did to Almlys, and also how they would frequently try to take credit for things they did not do, on other forums. (E.g. making it sound like the fan Ages are produced by them, as if they were the real D'ni Guild of Writers.) The funny thing was, a part of my plan was to make it super-easy for other shards to use all my work, and get their shards running quickly, using largely the same files. I didn't particularly want to run a shard, but rather wanted to have a public shard available for people to go to! Anyway, those people talked to Diafero, and asked him to make their shard for them. This was all going on in private, but they told me about it later. Unfortunately, they probably never told Diafero about The UAM Shard, and thus he told me in passing, that they had asked him to make a shard for them. I told him to go ahead if he wanted, but it should *not* be a shard, as that group is untrustworthy. (And in the older days, Diafero entirely agreed with me about them.) Shortly thereafter I made The UAM Shard public, and received a ton of backlash, because one of the gang thought it was the other way around, and accused me on the forum! When I started rebutting him, they asked me to come discuss it in IRC instead, and I went there, but they were, for the most part, angry and offensive to me, basically just trying to get me to shut it down, presumably so that their (not yet made) "Deep Island" shard could have prominence. (A little bit of what went on can still be seen here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4593 but I see that some posts have been edited.)

This event with the shards marks when Diafero joined Hoikas' gang, and also when Diafero turned his anger and maliciousness towards me. (Previously, it had been towards other people, and I had been the one trying to get him to behave well.)

On a sad side note, I saw another person I knew get pulled into Tsar Hoikas's gang. (I won't mention his name.) I knew he had some serious emotional and stability problems, from talking to him and his fiance. (I often saw it myself, when he would work himself into a rage over something unimportant that Cyan had said or done. I would often try to calm him down, and show him that it was a pretty unimportant thing.) And he had a strong desire to belong somewhere, that was clear. I hadn't seen him in a while, as I hadn't been in teamspeak with him and Diafero for a while. I found out now that he too had been pulled into the gang. (And I say 'gang', because it is truly the same thing as a street gang: the members are mostly there to experience the sense of belonging, and a sort of familyness. But a gang is malicious and uses that to do bad things to people not in the gang, while helping the gang members themselves. I've seen first-hand, members of Hoikas' gang plan, and then go egg other people on (often people at the forums, not me) just to get a fight or reaction, and cheer each other on.) There was a very sad point, when I was discussing what had really gone on, and he could see that it was true and that he had been lied to. He was teetering between the two... trying to decide between what was right and true, and his new family... but he went with the gang, and understandably so. And I saw it corrupt him yet more over the following months, but I have a sincere hope that he's gotten out of it all since then. But it's hard... I live in a town with a lot of street gangs, and have unfortunately seen this precise thing happen far too often... the good feelings of belonging and family are intertwined with malice and bad deeds towards outsiders, providing a powerfully addictive experience. And their parents and grandparents (especially their mothers and grandmothers) have difficulty understanding how this came to happen, since they didn't used to be this way... But sometimes they do get out! There is always hope, fortunately.

Since I'm on the topic of this gang, here's a story that tells something about Tsar Hoikas. I don't recall when precisely this was, but it was before this incident with the shards. I had been talking with Nadnerb and Paradox about something. (They are friends of Tsar Hoikas, but seem not to take part in the gang, or at least somehow seem not to get caught up in the meanness.) And I don't recall what we were talking about, but I mentioned that Tsar Hoikas was "Dickens", a pseudonymous character who had popped up some time before. They didn't believe it. I was surprised that they didn't know, but I guess they had never gotten involved in the Slackers' "secret" forum (the secrecy was mostly just for fun, I think, and everyone had an alternative "secret" name). Now, to show that I wasn't lying, I offered to let one of them use my account to verify it, and see that Tsar Hoikas was indeed Dickens, doing the things Dickens was doing, and having Tsar Hoikas' email and on occasion being referred to as Adam ("Adam Johnson" is an earlier alias, but he later changed his forum name to "Tsar Hoikas".) They said that: Adam is our friend, and he wouldn't lie to us. (And thus, they didn't bother to verify it, but quite a few people in the community know this.) And this faith in a friend is a great thing! But it's sad when such faith is placed in the wrong person. (It wasn't my intention to create a fight between them and Hoikas, so I let it be, and said to nevermind.) I was sad after that, as I usually am when I see someone lied to or used by their friend.

Okay, back to Diafero. After the shard incident, things were very strained between us, but I made an effort to stay friendly. Now, ever since he had put the malware in the Offline-KI, I had been checking it before uploading new versions to UAM. But after this shard incident, Diafero decided to change the contents of UAM himself, putting his new Offline-KI in himself. This was possible, because as I mentioned earlier, Old Wolle was letting me use their server to store the UAM files. But rather than make a fight out of it, a couple days later, I said I would like to start moving the UAM files to another server, and only mentioned the other reason. (The other reason was also true: that I had set up a system that would allow me to do updates more easily, and this couldn't be done over ftp, which was how I had to do updates on their server.) So I said it all very nicely, and asked what they thought. I got back snarky messages saying that I should do so, and they don't care, and this was expected, and a hint of a threat of maybe forking. So I went ahead and released the next Drizzle, which used the new address. They then hijacked UAM, locking me out so that I could no longer change the files, and removing the new Drizzle that would allow people to have the new address. They then presented the lie that UAM was always Wolle (I imagine that they thought people might believe this, because I had credited Wolle with "Age Collection and Mirroring", because he sometimes helped get the Age ready for me to put on UAM, and because I was using their server to store the files.) After they hijacked UAM from me, I was upset at them, and asked how they could justify this. Their answer was that because I had put the files on their server, they could do anything they want to it! Yes, this was actually the justification they used. Then they began the extortion: they said they would instead help with the transition to the new server... *if* I would do some things for them. Well, the things they wanted in exchange weren't too bad: remove Wolle's name from the credits, remove the links to, move the UAM shard thread to another subforum, etc. So I agreed to their demands, and did those things. But as extortionists often do, once they got what they wanted, they changed their minds and decided to keep what they had stolen/hijacked. (And in Diafero's usual approach, he continued to deny everything, and pretend he had done no wrong, asking: why I continue to see evil in all of them! As if all these terrible things he's done over the years aren't evil, and he has every right to them!) They kept their fork of UAM going, and most people were unknowingly using their stuff thinking they were still using mine. And this was the biggest problem of all: people using Drizzle and UAM are trusting me, and they don't even know it's been hijacked and in control of someone else, let alone someone so bad as those who were now in control! Anyway, they had the new Drizzle in their list, so that was something, but they were still running their fake-UAM rather than removing all the Ages except the ability to upgrade Drizzle and thus use the new server. And they were encouraging some people to even change the new Drizzle to use their server instead. Their new demand was never stated as a demand, but I did it to try to make them happy: they wanted NetworkAccess in Uru (but more on that later). I was getting pretty upset by this point, and was telling them upfront that they were deceivers and dishonorable. Eventually Wolle gave up on wanting to have their fake-UAM, and made it the way it was supposed to be. And thus this problem was resolved finally.

In late August or early September 2010, there was talk of having Ages make web connections. (This was made possible by a file that had been included in the Offline-KI to update the list of Ages on the Relto bookshelf.) However, this was a serious security problem (and I've done a lot of work in computer/network/software security, in my line of work, so I have quite a bit of expertise in these things.) The problem is that it enables any Age author to spy on players, whether playing offline or on a shard. The Age could even enable viruses to be put on your computer. This could in principle be detected, but it would be hard to tell. And the spying, couldn't be detected, even in principle. So of course, I said that Ages couldn't do this. There were okay uses: someone wanted to use it to update journals without having to release a new version of the Age, so this would be a lot easier for them. But what surprised me was that the most vocal person who wanted this ability was Diafero. Seeing as how his bad deeds had often taken the form of technical attacks, and ones that could be denied to some extent, this seemed like a perfect fit. I don't know if he actually had plans to misuse it, but he was definitely strongly for it, and I was worried. In the end, I made it so people could enable or disable this feature, with the default being disabled, and warning the user in Drizzle if it was enabled. But Diafero even hated this, because he wanted it to be enabled by default, and not to warn you if you had enabled it.

Things were relatively quiet for most of 2011, though now I was hated by Diafero more than ever, after they had tried to hijack the UAM thing. (Possibly because I had become upset, and let him know what I thought of him.) And he was now more entrenched at (Tsar Hoikas' website).

In August 2011, Almlys (the creator of Alcugs and Pyprp, if you'll recall) announced that he was going to make the forums and wiki read-only in November. Now, every Age needs a SequencePrefix, which is a number that uniquely identifies the Age. To make sure no-one picks the same one, there is a list at Alcugs. (People at had previously wanted to move it to their site instead, as they didn't want people to have to go to another website, especially not Alcugs, which they had previously been fighting with.) As the manager of UAM, it has been my job to make sure the Ages in UAM all have a unique SequencePrefix, so I copied the current list to the UAM wiki, and put a link on the Alcugs wiki too it. I said a person could just email me with the number they want, which is easier than editing a wiki anyway. And I had plans to make a simple form to register SequencePrefixes, without requiring any kind of registration. When I came back in November, to add the link to this form I had created, I saw that Diafero had removed all my stuff, and instead copied it again to (He put a disingenuous reason on the Talk page saying that my solution was unacceptable, because no-one else could edit the wiki, which was just his red herring to distract from the fact that it said for Age authors to email me, not edit the wiki.) Anyway, rather than make a fight, I found a compromise and diplomatically put links to the simple form and both wikis. And I also put these links on the wiki, and everything I put was entirely true. But Tsar Hoikas (probably after being told by Diafero, but I'm not sure) removed it and permanently banned me, saying it was for "inserting false information", when what I wrote was entirely true and quite fair. (I sent a mail to Hoikas, but it was probably ignored, as I received no response, and I recall that happening before with him.) (You can see the changes I made here: ... oldid=4722 ) (You can also see the changes I made at the Alcugs wiki: ... on=history ) Fortunately, because of how wikis work, you can verify what I've said is true. Oh, and you can see the talk page, where you can see for yourself the attitudes involved: Fortunately, Almlys came and reverted Diafero's mean-spirited things, and put up a quite fair one of his own. Consequently, Diafero then posted at essentially saying everyone should ignore Alcugs (i.e. Almlys) and that they must use the version of things. (You can see that here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5455 ) When I made the announcement on UAM about the simple form, I added "(There are some malicious people on some forum saying otherwise, but the people in question (mostly TsarHoikas and Diafero lately) have had a history of lying and manipulating others, including malware and hijacking. Please do be careful around them! )" which I can see I probably shouldn't have said. But people are starting to speculate that I was lying, and so I wrote this account of some of the things they've done, especially Diafero, whose degeneracy I've seen from both sides of the fence.

Indeed, I've wanted to leave Uru for over a year now as they have taken the fun out of it, but I have a strong apprehension about what the malicious people would do... I feel like I can't leave without letting people fall prey to them. (The bad attitudes and anger and maliciousness I've encountered is why I don't participate in any of the forums anymore.)

I had originally thought to include some things I had heard about them from other people, but I decided it was better to have only things that I had personally witnessed, so that you may be sure that I am not basing any of this on rumors.

Uru has been, for me, a sort-of testing ground for trying to be good, and to observe how others succeed or fail at this, and to learn from that.

I swear that this is a true account of what has happened. Some will believe it, and some won't. It is my hope that this will help some people to not fall prey to them.

Dustin Bernard, November 2011.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Branan » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:45 pm

I don't have a lot to add to this, since I wasn't around much during the main split between almlys and the GoW, and later Dustin and the GoW, but I'll say this:

Adam might be an asshole (OK, he is an asshole)... but I've seen absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe he's manipulative or power hungry. I've been a councilor, I know how things are run. There's really no grand conspiracy.

Unless you count "Getting Cyan to open-source the content and the rest of the code" and "getting the community really on board with the idea of fans continuing the story of D'ni" as grand conspiracies.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Paradox » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:24 am

... why it was that shard admins always seemed to be such bad apples!

If you hang around long enough, you come to realize that all the apples are bruised.

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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby diafero » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:47 am

I am writing this before reading what Dustin said: The comment in UAM was written the way Dustin usually writes (in the recent past). Not exactly lying, but far away from the truth, and suggesting far more than ever happened. The "malware" refers to an incident between Dhelayan and me (so even Dustin pulling it into the public is an insult), which he re-interpreted, exaggerated, and then made it sound as if Alcugs or the Offline KI contain malicious code. They don't.
I am not sure if I should eve read the rest of this - I bet my doctor would say "no" ;-)

EDIT: He published my real name. I can't believe it. *censored*. Hoikas, I would appreciate if you could remove it here. I don't want it to be public.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Rabenschwinge » Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:19 am

Wow. As someone who doesn´t know either of you personally, all these messages and accusation have truly disconcerted and unsettled me.
A lot of the projects, the work going on in this community is based on some basic trust of each another. If this trust is in question, everything based on it is as well!

I really can´t believe most of the stuff I read, but of course, I wasn´t there, didn´t read any personal messages.

It would be good, I think, if you could answer to every part Dustin wrote, just to clear it up - some of these things are really disturbing, and if you can tell us, how it really was, I at least would be eased (is this the right word? I mean, I would feel more comfortable and safer again :) ).

Of course, nobody has to defend him/herself, nor is it necessary to proof anything. But it would be good to see YOUR side of the whole matter. Some of what you wrote already helped a lot.

I want to point out, that I am very, very cautious to believe any accusations, just because anybody says so. So I don´t believe anything, until it is prooven by fact or by third persons, who can testify anything.

As it looks right now, people testify that some of these accusations are NOT true. So this puts into question, how much - if any - had happened like Dustin claims.

I refrained from downloading the last part of Dustins UAM-KI, because right now, I don´t really know whom to trust and whom not.

By the way, regardless of what´s the truth, revealing peoples true names on public spaces without even asking them is not appropriate.
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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby diafero » Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:11 am

I don't really want to go through all this. It'd take a whole lot of time, whereas I already have little time to spare. Plus, it raises a lot of Uru history that I thought was finally exactly that, history - until Dustin brought it up all over again. All those discussions with Dustin are not the best memories I have, to put it in a nice way. And of course I do not remember all the glory details as well as Dustin who seems to have prepared a real "bill of indictment". Digging up all those old mails... even more time, even more bad memories So, I can not make any promises about whether I am going to reply. On the one side I can see why you wish to see a proper reply, on the other hand it'd be "word vs. word", and you'd still have to choose whom to trust, or to decide to trust both and leave this as their personal little fight that should affect the rest of the wordl as little as possible. Which was my stance so far, which was the only reason why Offline KI kept being available via UAM, why I continued to direct people to Drizzle and UAM and even offered some limited support. I don't think it is a good idea to carry this out in public (I doubt it would stop with my reply, Dustin would reply back, etc.). And any personal reply to Dustin is not going to have any effect.

I can assure you that his interpretations of my intends are wrong, and that neither Offline KI nor Alcugs contain any malicious code. Nor does any of the other stuff distributed via Deep Island which I wrote (I do not check each and every age's pak file). As I already wrote above, most of what he wrote happened, but with different goals, or in a different order, or with more information being necessary to see what is going on. He's often telling only parts of the truth.

Maybe I am going to reply to some of the specific points, maybe not. The old offer still stands: If you have specific questions, or concerns, please email me at diafero AT arcor DOT de. That keeps the fight out of the public.
I prefer e-mails to "diafero arcor de" (after adding the at and the dot) over PMs.

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Re: Concerning the Alcugs wiki

Postby Trekluver » Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:19 am

Yea, posting real names online is not cool. (Though nice name though;) )

I realize I've only been registered here for a few days but believe me when I say I've been following this site and learning to use Blender (Sorta learning) for two years now. The accusations against Adam aren't surprising (What, you never answer my PM's?!? :lol: ). (It's part truth and part lie which is the most dangerous of all.) As for Diafero, I don't know you very well but I understand what Dusty is trying to say (at least where PyPRP is concerned). (And I'll add, I'm a bit concerned about the Malware accusations against you Diafero.) I think he's a bit concerned about competition (Kinda like the US government was when AT&T tried to merge with T-Mobile). But, instead of conglomerating all of his stuff here and become a real player again (Like Adam, Branan, Diafero, OHB and others) he chooses to attack people for things that happened in the past. See, I'm the kind of person that forgets past events 99% of the time and I don't know why Dusty can't either.

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