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Ahra Pahts: A word for shell owners.

Postby Aloys » Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:13 pm

Boblishman pointed out two bugs that affects certain shells. My intention was to PM all the concerned people, but I haven't had the time to test all the 150 shells seprately, so just to make sure I don't miss anyone I will post here.

- Some textures may not display properly in Blender, if you enable the 'shaded' view they will appear pink. If you have missing textures you will need to reassign them; they are all located in the textures folder that you have downloaded. The problematic textures are: ShCrn.tga for the corners - ShStr.tga for the stairs - ShTop.tga for the roof - and LightSh1.tga for the lights on the front (and on the sides if your shell has some).

- On some of the floors there is no collision in a certain spot. I have no idea why that happens because the floors are all identical; and it only happens for some shells. But the best way to fix this it is to create a separate mesh for the collision. 1) Duplicate the floor mesh, 2) Edit it to remove most of the vertexes 'inside' and just keep the 6 vertexes at the corners, 3) Recreate a face with those vertexes, 4) Finally, remove the collision tags on the original floor model and change the tags on the collsion floor model so that it is a 'collider'. I have test this method on a problematic shell and it works perfectly.

I'm sorry for those troubles, don't hesitate to post here or PM me if you have any difficulty.

(All this has been corrected in my files so it won't happen anymore on new shells.)

Thanks again to Bob for pointing this out.
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