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Postby Aloys » Sun Mar 12, 2006 4:39 pm

[quote="The Enlightened @ Jan 20 2006"]Image

[quote="Dustin @ Jan 20 2006"]That looks really neat! And Trylon just got swim-regions working, so...

[quote="J'anim Paedet @ Jan 20 2006"]Well there you go!
I like it. It looks like a cross between China and Venice, with a bit of D'ni on the side.

Dustin - do you intend for the water to be accessable? It certainly is a possibility now.
Actually, that might be a good way to be able to travel the underground pipe system, if such a place is desired. (Which... I don't know if that would be such a good idea, in retrospect. The filth accumulated there would be rather - shall we say - unpleasent. Still, it would be fun to be able to swim around in the basin area, and maybe be able to travel some of the city that way.)

Edit: Also, and I can't quite tell if this is already the case, but if this is going to be a D'ni city, we should probably try to subtly reference the number five at least occasionally, seeing as it has special meaning for the D'ni (Riven and Gahreseen both have an abundence of symbolism to this effect hidden around, just to name two Ages). So, for example, perhaps the bases of the buildings in the hub could be pentagon-shaped?

[quote="Dustin @ Jan 20 2006"]A 5-based system would be possible too; I'm just personally obsessed with triangles and their high-dimensional counterparts, simplexes! Perhaps some sort of interplay between 5 and 3 would be neat(5 from D'ni, 3 from the environment), such as a 15 sided city-center buiding, with an entrance every 5 walls(so, 3 entrances), and a D'ni numeral or something every 3 walls(so, 5 numerals).

[quote="myridean @ Jan 20 2006"]In determining length ratios would you be using the Divine Proportion?

[quote="The Enlightened @ Jan 20 2006"]Personally, I like the idea of using triangles for our city's formation, and not only as a geometric shape, but as a metaphor.

With a perfectly balanced triangle, it is always possible to accommodate its equals.

[quote="Dustin @ Jan 20 2006"][quote="myridean @ Jan 20 2006"]In determining length ratios would you be using the Divine Proportion? 

It just worked out that the Divine Proportion was the minimal spacing in this case! What luck!
[quote="J'anim Paedet @ Jan 20 2006"]I think the overall formation should indeed be a triangle, if only because anything more (or less) would present far to much confusion. Imagine if at every branch the player had five different choices to make before he/she decided what area to explore! And yes, I was thinking of the number five more in terms of the occasional D'ni building and/or utility.
Triangular formation should allow, if we design it properly (and Dustin seems to be taking care of that) us to add a good amount of buildings and the like without spreading out to quickly. It is a plus that The Enlightened's view of the central hub seems to support both numerical options.
[quote="The Enlightened @ Jan 21 2006"]I thank you for your kind comments.
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