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Shell Sign Up

Postby Paradox » Sun Jun 04, 2006 5:24 pm


When you sign up for a shell: updating the Wiki is nice but make sure also to notify us by posting here.
Thank you :)

Ahra Pahts contains 150 shells, which are all available to Age Builders. If you would like to build a shell, please post your name and the shell number in this thread. Do not pick a shell that someone else has already picked, and please do not sign up for more than 3 shells (to make sure that there's enough for everybody).

When the shells are ready, you will be PM'ed by one of the Ahra Pahts team members to confirm your shell sign up. The team will then send you the .blend Blender3D file for your shell. Make sure that you have read all of the guidelines before you sign up. The guidelines can be found here.

The shells are mapped here: (This file might be out-of-date. Check the wiki to confirm shells.)

The Ahra Pahts Wiki page and sign up sheet is located here. You need to enter your name next to the shell number you want, and you'll be done!

So please sign up!

The shells have been released by the AgeBuilder team. Please add your name in this thread as well as on the wiki page here so that we can make everything run smoothly.
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Postby ShadowDude » Sun Jun 04, 2006 6:51 pm

Shell #430

(randomly selected)

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Postby zib_redlektab » Sun Jun 04, 2006 6:56 pm

Zib Redlektab

#337 :P
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Postby Besharen » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:20 pm

Umm, I don't think we're ready for signups yet. As this thread shows, we still have a lot to decide on before we start signups (like polygon count, shell evaluation methods, hight dimensions, kickables, for example)

Also, I think we should completely finish the main city first - including textures and environment issues we haven't decided on.

However, I think that if some members want to get a head start on their shells, that might be possible. I don't think we should make an official announcement, but if you PM Aloys, he might send you the shell. Of course, that is completely up to him, if he is willing to do it. Also, you could just take an older version of the age and start making your shell, and them import it into your real shell when it is ready.

So, I will keep this thread open for now, but we might want to lock it in the future to not confuse people.
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Postby zib_redlektab » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:32 pm

I just wanted to nab my shell before someone else took it. :P

(I already know what's gonna be in it, too :lol: )

but besh, if you look at the guidlines doc it says TBD in a ton of places. It obviously isnt ready yet.

I think that we can keep registration open for now, and then send out the files once we have finished debating. B)
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Postby Starfyre » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:52 pm

Yeah there is no reason why people can't go ahead and sign up. At least we will know what kind interest we have and such. And it doesn't hurt to have the shells mapped out before were ready.

Postby Tahgtahv » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:49 pm

Anyone have a working link to the map of the shells?
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Postby Aloys » Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:22 pm

Yeah we aren't really ready yet (though it's getting real close on my end), but I guess we can leave this topic open just to see how many people are interested.
However there should be a large disclaimer explaining this is just to sign up and shells may not be actually here before a couple days etc.. (though I guess people who read this forum already know that)
Also no need to advertise this on other forums yet

(BTW shell 439 is mine. If anyone try to take it and I'll put tons of cactus all around the city :lol: )

Also don't try to reserve the shell 404. 'shell not found'... :blink:

[edit] Tahgtahv: you can find one here. The plan Paradox posted above tells what is the zoning of the districts. Some areas are reserved for residential shells, other for community things etc..
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Postby Mystified Explorer » Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:04 am

Mystical Explorer:

#306 & 429 (I always wanted to make a house...)
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Postby Mystified Explorer » Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:14 am

Sorry for the double post, but Is it ok if the GoAC (not me individually) reserves 3 shells also?

If it is: #116, #334 and #314

Also this is on behalf of Kato (for him individually): #303

just for me and the GoAC to stake our claim :P
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