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Postby J'anim Paedet » Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:12 pm

As the title suggests, I'm back -- but will be leaving again in about a week! This time, I'll be taking a trip to New Hampshire, but I'll have an internet connection this time, so no worries.

First off: your link, Aloys...
It's actually a project for college, but I was incouraged to start it over the summer.

Now then, I've been working mainly in 3DS Max to create the first detailed structure in the Shore. Terrati Lab was technically my experimental age in that I created most of it in max and imported and textured it in Blender, to see whether it would work. It did, and now I'm not going to be using Blender till the very end.

The building I've been working on is the Study, what I plan on being the main room for the Age.

I'll post some images tomorrow.
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