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Postby Marein » Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:58 am

At least this time the title fits the topic, because I made a tower!
I started by making another map...


As you can see it's a three-story tower (why does 'story' mean 'floor' anyways? It doesn't make sense to me). As you might also be able to see, there are two doors on the second floor leading to what seems like certain death. However, there will be ropebridges connecting the second floor to the main house and a rock formation elsewhere in the shell.
I later added a third door to the roof of the first floor.

So I did about exactly the same as with the main building and here's what I got:



There will be a ladders connecting the floor, a ladder on the little balcony to get to the roof, and hopefully a telescope to look over the city* on the third floor or the roof (* well, maybe just over the walls of my shell :P).
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